Sileo Now Available on iPhone + iPad!

Sileo is now available on iPhone and iPad completely uncensored! 

Due to Sileo's NSFW content, an App Store release would likely have required significant censorship. This is why we've instead opted to bypass the App Store entirely, releasing the iOS version of Sileo as a standalone .ipa file that can be sideloaded using third-party tools such as AltStore. This can be done on a completely stock device and does not require jailbreaking or anything of the sort. All you will need is a Windows PC or a Mac and a few minutes to set it all up.

Detailed Instructions on how to install Sileo on iOS can be found here!

Going forward, iOS builds will be distributed alongside our releases on other platforms both here on Itch and over on Patreon, and can be downloaded and updated the same way. To update, simply install the new .ipa file over top of the old one. So long as you don't mess with anything, you should only need to set up AltServer/AltStore once. 

Note that devices such as the iPhone 7/8 may lack sufficient memory to run Sileo without issues, but we haven't tested these devices to know for sure. Devices with 3GB of memory or more, such as the iPhone 7/8 Plus, any 'notch' iPhone or the newer SE models should run Sileo just fine. All recent iPad models will work fine, but some older models such as the iPad 9.7in (2018) or the first-gen iPad Pro 9.7in (2015) may also lack sufficient memory. As of right now, iOS13 is the minimum version required.

If you have any issues with the process, be sure to check AltStore's FAQ first if it's an issue relating to AltStore or AltServer. If you can't find a solution, or the issue relates to Sileo itself, drop a comment here and we'll do our best to help out!


Sileo v0.59 Public - iOS 271 MB
Version 5300 Mar 27, 2023

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Wish more games would release in ipa format. Time to install using TrollStore X3

great, now i can read my favorite furry porn in public!