Sileo 0.60 Updates Now Available!

Whew, been a while, huh? Thanks for your patience!

In order to recharge our creative juices and hopefully break free of a rut, we opted to off on a terrible tangent of sorts. And that tangent is called: The Day It All Went Wrong. That's the title of the brand new Tales From Woodcrest story whose prologue chapter just debuted in the Patreon version. This is a standalone story which will continue through the next few updates and follows Eric retelling the story of the fateful day he first took it from behind!

This new tale will debut in the next public update, but in the meantime, all the juicy long-lost additions to Day 5 of the Poly Route are here and accounted for in this public release, along with a few other small additions!

This update also includes some technical improvements which will hopefully result in smoother performance, though at the cost of increased memory usage. For this first update, the changes are fairly conservative as a way of making sure the changes won't cause issues for people. Assuming they don't, the next update will take these changes further.

Thanks for your patience, and we'll hopefully see you again quite soon with another new update! 


New Patreon Build Content: 

• Added a New Tales From Woodcrest Story: "The Day It All Went Wrong!"     
    • 1x Prologue Chapter Added, more to come in next update!
• 4x New Outfits Added! (The Day It All Went Wrong)     
    • Diego: Lazy Werewolf     
    • Axel: Vampire     
    • Russell: Pirate     
    • Eric: Skeleboner
• 1x New Illustration Added     
    • The Day It All Went Wrong (Not in gallery, access via Tales From Woodcrest)

New Public Build Content:

• 2x New Chapters Added to Day 5 of the Poly Route.
    • Day 5 Ending B
    • Day 5 Ending C
    Note that 'Endings' in this context are not route endings, just possible ways a specific day can conclude. All 3 outcomes on Day 5 will continue on to Day 6. 
• 3x New Choices Added to Existing Scenes in the Poly Route.
    • Adrian can now choose to return home instead of going with Russell. (Results in Day 5 Ending B)
    • Adrian can now choose not to smoke up with Russell, instead returning home. (Results in Day 5 Ending B)
    • Adrian can now choose to flee before the sex scene begins, instead returning home. (Results in Day 5 Ending C)
• The existing 4 chapters in the Poly route have been re-edited to improve storytelling clarity, correct errors, and improve flow.
• The existing 4 chapters in the Intro Remake have been re-edited to improve storytelling clarity, correct errors, and improve flow.

 Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes: 

• Performance Improvements: Better preloading and image caching.     
    • These changes will result in increased memory usage. The difference is only small in this update, but assuming it causes no issues for people we'll extend the scope of these improvements in subsequent updates.
• Updated Ren'Py to Version
• Fixes for UI issues caused by Ren'Py 8.2.2 behaviour changes.
• Improved transition effects from and to the main menu screen.
• Updated Bluesky Main Menu Icon to new butterfly design.
• Other Misc Fixes, Changes, & Improvements.

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Yay really excited about public content but I'm a little confused because it only mentions polyamorous root not one or the other I mean I know it's going to leave there eventually but you would think it would be nice to tell people something along those lines not judging but it was just something in my head

What is the Poly route? Who's in it?

Dom/ Axel/ Russell 

I Like Russel. I want Lukas too, I will wait for him