0.54.1 Update Now Available

Howdy folks.

Been a while since we've done a subversion update like this! This update fixes a few issues that were present in 0.54 and incorporates a few quality of life improvements as well. Check the changelog below for a better idea exactly what's new. Enjoy!


  • Fixes the 'Train Interior' gallery button which was previously linking to the Train Station images instead.
  • Fixed a display issue with the changelog present only in the public version.
  • Increased the size of the invisible button on Diego's Belly in the chapter select screen to hopefully make it more reliable on devices with small screens.
  • Adds a 'Main Menu' button to the ingame quick menu.
  • Adjusts the position of the naming screen on iOS so that it is no longer partially covered by the keyboard.
  • Works around various issues with the continue button. This should work more reliably now.
  • Includes numerous typo fixes for Tai's Route.


Sileo v0.59 Public - Windows / Linux 279 MB
Version 5410 May 05, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - iOS 271 MB
Version 5410 May 05, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Mac OS 274 MB
Version 5410 May 05, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Android 285 MB
Version 5410 May 05, 2023

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