A fresh start. A bold leap into the unknown.

Have you ever wanted to just run away from it all? To escape from a familiar misery and plunge head-first into a brighter future?

Leave all of your troubles behind and start anew in the idyllic mountain town of Woodcrest! Reunite with an estranged best friend, begin a new career, meet the town's weirdest and most wonderful inhabitants... and maybe you will even find love?

Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn is a gay furry visual novel that was first unveiled to the world in June 2020 and has since ballooned into something far bigger than any of us could have ever anticipated! We're ecstatic with the progress we've made so far, but really, we've barely even gotten started! Sileo features several novel-length routes already with several more planned for the future! In addition, we have an almost endless supply of ideas on what we'd like to do after those routes are released!

Sileo is presently available on Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and Android (via Sideload). For information on other platforms and storefronts, please see the FAQ linked above.

New builds of Sileo are released every single month with our supporters on Patreon getting the first look at our brand new content before the same content is made available here on Itch.io the following month! We make Sileo available for free as we want as many people to be able to enjoy it as possible, but making a visual novel is incredibly hard work! We appreciate everybody who lends us a hand, be it by supporting us on Patreon, tipping us here on Itch.io, engaging in our Discord Community, or even just retweeting us over on Twitter!

There is plenty more Sileo yet to come! Don't touch that dial, and be sure to
support us on Patreon to get the first look at what is to come in addition to high-resolution artwork downloads, the opportunity to have your name in the credits, and even the chance to peer behind the veil and see just what goes into creating a project like Sileo?

And of course, be sure to join our official Discord community and follow us on Twitter to keep up to date with the latest news!

Development Team

Xevvy - Direction, Story, Writing, Programming, Interface Design, PR, Concept, Character Designs, etc.
CurryCatz - Character Artwork, Backgrounds, Illustrations/CG's, Logo Design, Animation (in Animated Sequences), etc...

Special thanks to Kronos, who tests our builds, critiques new story content, helps with plot development and overall project direction, etc. His hard work makes Sileo that much better!

And special thanks to Slouch who has assisted in editing some of our scripts, fixing typos and wonky grammar, improving sentence flow, and more besides.

Bothered by bugs? Irritated by issues? Goaded by (code) gremlins?!
Make sure you're running the very latest version of Sileo! If that doesn't help, swing by our Official Discord Community and report the issue to us in one of the 'Report a Bug' channels! Screenshots, Log Files, and other details are especially helpful, and we're quick to address issues when they're reported to us!

Disclaimer: Sileo contains a substantial amount of adult content and should not be consumed by anybody under the age of 18! This extends to our Discord Community - if you are under the age of 18, you will be permanently banned without warning! You have been warned...

Recognized Third-Party Translations

While we authorize third parties to create translations of Sileo in other languages, those that we consider "recognized" are those with whom we have contact and provide limited support. As these translations are created by third parties, please be aware that the Sileo Team is unable to verify their quality and accuracy. 

Chinese (Bestia) - Telegram / QQ

Updated 8 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux, Android, HTML5
Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(989 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsBara, Dating Sim, Erotic, Furry, Gay, LGBT, NSFW, r18, Romance, Slice Of Life
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller, Touchscreen
LinksPatreon, Twitter, Discord


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Version 5202
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Version 5202
Sileo v0.52 Public - Android 304 MB
Version 5202

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Any idea how long til the dom and axel route get more updates?

Plans can change, but we're planning to wrap up Tais route over the next two or so updates before we do anything else so probably a few months.

What building should i go to guys???but for real
I was just skipping through text, but when i got to this, no side/main quests appeared. What do i do? Also, this is Diego route day 17.

I suspect something is wrong with your save file. I definitely can't replicate it under normal circumstances, skipping through from the beginning works as it should. If you try to save your game, what route shows up on the save? The only reason you could get a screen like that is if that data is somehow not what it should be.

(2 edits)

Will do! Once saved, will edit to post picture.

Here it is, in all its glory!! Cant back out of the image though..
edit like 5 seconds later:

I don't know how you've done that. It's not possible under normal circumstances.

Either way, trash that save and start fresh. 

Fixed the problem by backing to a day 13/14 save. Still have the saves, because bragging rights.

Hey, so idk if this is an issue with my phone or with the game but it keeps on crashing multiple times and even if i clean the cache, it'll still do this. Do you know any way i could fix this?? Thanks

This is the first time I've seen this error. How strange. Try uninstalling the app, redownloading it fresh and installing it again and see if that clears the issue.

Found a bug after downloading the latest update. In the beginning when you enter in your name I'm unable to type whatsoever. Currently on Android experiencing this!

This is an issue between RenPy and either your keyboard app or the manufacturer specific flavor of Android you're running, it's not something we have any control over unfortunately. I would suggest trying a different keyboard app, both Gboard and Swiftkey work perfectly in my experience. 

This new update just brings even more to like! and more to wait for. 

But also i gotta report a bug. Spoiler btw for Axel/Dom route and Tai route.

Alright so first off, loving the work so far. just wanted to get that out of the way. 

For the bug: While I was on Tai's route i found a bug and it was with a script error, while talking with Axel's parents the screen went white and displayed text saying there was an error, I clicked ignore and it happened again, then i clicked ignore again and got through and it didn't show up again. I'm not sure what could have caused it but I wanted to bring it up regardless. 

and for the Axel/Dom route, we were hoping for Cheetah cheeks and got Shark Slit instead, not saying it's bad though lol. I called it when I said Russel might be an option a while back! But by any chance, maybe after the base characters like Lukas, Tai, and Axel/Dom, get the routes finished and fleshed out, Could we maybe see more of the side characters like Russel (Please lol), Logan (Also Please), Maybe even Kyrex or something? or maybe they can even get their own routes like the base characters, that'd be cool in my opinon, more options. 

Welp that's all i have to say, Can't wait until the next update! Keep up the good work!

TL:DR: Bug: Recurring Script error on day 16 in Tai's route with Axel's Parents. Idea's for the side characters? Cheetah Cheeks gotta wait, we have Shark slit instead

(1 edit)

I'm aware of this error, I pushed a hotfix that was supposed to fix it but it didn't quite go to plan, unfortunately. 

I've just pushed another hotfix which should resolve it. If you're playing via the Itch App, the patch should show up. The web version played on this page will update automatically. Otherwise just redownload the file for your platform and it should be good to go.


Patiently waiting for Lukas' route :)

(1 edit) (+1)

When is lukas route coming? I'm waiting for that to play again

(1 edit) (-2)

It feels as if "terrific" word is overused in this spectacular, wondrous, breathtaking, splendid, wonderful and just generally nice game. Still wondering if it tells me true reason as to why i cannot pick "Joe" name for mc though. Or why characters struggle with Roux and Roo, but are weirdly okay with Tai and Ty.

I just started and I ran into a very strange... error, because it only happens with the background and it takes me out of the immersion :,3, any ideas on how fix it?

I've seen this reported once before, but I have no idea what causes it or how it might be fixed, unfortunately. It's almost certainly either a Ren'Py issue or an issue with your video hardware/driver, so all I can suggest is to make sure you're running up-to-date video drivers, and failing that, perhaps try on another device.

I never expected to have a spicy scene with Logan and Russel before either of the two horny boys Jay or Eric.

Side note. Is the friend Russ mentioned Roo?


Heh, I wish there was more to see, but I'm not gonna lie here... I absolutely LOVED this update. The fun with Russell made for a great read!

(2 edits)

(Spoilers For Tai’s Route)

Is there a way to skip the ‘special’ scenes? Asking since the game always crashes for me every scene switch in the threesome scene, and I always need to go load into a save during the part where Adrian goes back to the apartment and meets Diego after getting back together with Tai.

(Also, extremely glad to have more Russel in this game 😁.)

There's no way to skip them at this point, but it shouldn't be crashing in that scene, it's not doing anything particularly special there. The most common cause of crashes is insufficient memory, so if you have any other devices available to you with more memory, that might be the best solution.

omg, Tai route is ended 🥲 It was a very touching story. 

Not quite yet! There's still day 20!

(1 edit)

I just finished the diego rout and i need more.I give (and gave) this game 5 stars,When you guys stop updating this game there needs to be a sequel or spinoff.(P.S. Diego my love)

also does russell have 2 penii


Go play Tai's Route if you haven't already, It's much longer and better than Diego's route.

And yes. Yes he does.

My problem is It crashes lol. My device is Samsung A01. Its like yah but ill try

The A01 is a very low-end device with very little memory, I suspect there just isn't enough for Sileo to run. For Android, I'd recommend at least 3GB of memory to be safe. 

(3 edits)

Hey, theres a problem with your Random name list in the start when you choose your name.
Eric is a randomly generated name out of them.
Nothing major, but "Eric" should be removed out of the starting list.

Edit: Another bug(i think)

When im skipping sometimes the game cant find the sprite for the character on screen.
Edit2: OR it could just
NOT load in the background when i load the autosave.


I've removed Eric from the list. The issue with skipping is a strange one but almost certainly something outside of our control - either a bug in Ren'Py or potentially a corruption in your download. Either way, if the file displays under normal circumstances, skipping shouldn't change that. If you're loading an autosave from an older build and the content you've saved on has changed, that can trip Ren'Py up - again, not really something we can fix, it's to do with how Ren'Py is designed (not with changing games in mind). 

I also can't replicate this third issue at all. What steps have you taken to make this happen?

(1 edit)

So, i was just expiramenting with the sprites and stuff, and was going to go to the menu above the special content, and accidentally opened it. Went to where i was gonna go but "Heavy load" or whatever the title is was there. I quickly tried backing out, but when i did my device was overheated at the time. I went to start a new game after i cooled my device down, but that shown up instead. 

 Can’t wait for the new public version of Axel’s route!! Hopefully only a couple of days away!!

I saw someone asked about the Adrian sprite. Was wondering if u could share one of tai’s? I have no clue how to do the whole reconstruct thing. Which is why I’m asking here. Also tai is extremely hot. Always had a thing for big cats especially tigers/lions so happy I picked his route. Can’t wait for it to be finished


How to give rat poison to the rat, how do i kill him, i hate him and everything he represents.


I find him kind of funny as heck. 

Also, I read this in a Gremlin voice.




I thought I was done seeing stupid people on the internet tonight.


You have got to be one of the stupidest people I've come across so far!

Hey, Any way i could see Adrian's sprite without a background ingame? I play on the computer app, and i cant open it in files due to a restriction.

Not ingame, no. And the nature of the sprite files is that you'll have to combine multiple pieces to get a complete sprite anyway. Here's a compiled transparent PNG of his default outfit and expression.

Thanks a lot!


The heartbeat makes me think it was someone important to Adrian, but not in a good way... You clever bastard...(Complimentary)

Wait acctualy maybe its glenn or Kyrex
Might be the asshole that used to be Adrians boss

Next chapter is coming out very soon on Patreon. All will be revealed.



Adrian is dripped out tbh

Hi, just another question but it is kind of a stupid question, Do we have to download the new version when it comes out or no. Sorry if it is a stupid question

I mean, if you want to experience the new content you will. 

Oki, Thank you so much.

Is the vn good

Ultimately that's up to personal preference. However I have enjoyed it. Tia's route is quite a bit longer than Diego's route, and as such it an get a bit wordy at times. However over all I enjoyed both. Can't wait for the end of Tai's route. 


Hey, I have a question, How far can you go into Axel's route?
I love this game btw and Axel is by far my favorite character

Just till the end of Day 5. After that, You ought to wait till the next update or finish the other pathes.

(1 edit)

Oh, Thank you I didn't except a reply this soon. Btw I loved the comment when you dared him to make a musk name. 


The full day 5 is released on Patreon right now, this will be rolling out here fairly soon - about maybe a third of it is playable in the current public build. After this we're focusing on finishing Tai's route in the next few updates before expanding on Axel's route any further. 

(1 edit)

Oh okay, thank you so much I am looking forward to go further into Axel's route

(1 edit) (+1)

How DARE you just
Cut off me and Russels' sleepover thing?!
That is a heinous act

Real good game tho just please continue the story until its at a mundane part PLEASE

Edit: Naw... Who Adrian recognise in the concert?!?11/1/1

Hello, I have a question, will Dom's or Axel's route separate the two? or in the end would the player end up with both, like a threesome relationship?

It's a polyamorous route. There will be some small differences depending on who you started our pursuing, but the broad strokes and the destination will ultimately be the same.


I see, thanks for answering me, I'd also like to say that I'm loving the game ^w^


Now im interested more
In the lore? Yes.
In the ideas? Yes.

In the Nsfw? Yes.

Cool game. I give it 5/5 Cheese wheels.



I just wanna know
Is there like
a list
for the names alexs' mom incorrectly calls you by
for each starting letter?

(2 edits) (+1)

There's a 90% chance she will choose a name with the same first letter as your chosen name. There's a 10% chance she'll pick any random name instead. If the name generated matches your chosen name, it picks again - she'll never get your name right. This is also the same list of names that choosing a random name on the name selection screen uses.


That is CLEVER.

You wrote Ezra twice, just mentioning in case that leads to an error

(1 edit) (+1)

I did too. The last thing the world needs right now is more Ezra! I'll replace one of them in the next update.

(I made it worse. It's now Elon. My condolences to all Beth now calls Elon.)


Make a "Musk" name
I dare you

do i get bad ending or some negative change for sleeping with kyrex in tai's route, cause i chose that option but i haven't seen any changes

No just some dialogue differences here and there.

Whens the next update I want to know who the hell was that in this route, when?WHEN!!?

This is coming in the next patreon update. No release date as yet but it's coming along nicely.

Not sure if this is a bug, But...
Whenever the text box appears in a new zone, The tiger dude keeps appearing.(I dont remember his name, and frankly, i dont care(Technicly on his route, but we broke up))
Not sure if its a bug or not, but just wanted to make sure

Are you running the latest version? I could have sworn we fixed that issue a while back.

(1 edit)

The newest version just got the axel/dom routes, right? 0.51 is the version im playing on

Btw, Good game. I rate it 5/5 Cs' for Cool game

That's odd. We definitely fixed that issue, or better said, we worked around it - it was an issue in RenPy to begin with. If you can make a save file where it's happening and send that to us via our Discord, I'll look into why it's started happening again

(1 edit)

Sorry i didnt get back to this, but im playing from the Itch.io app and im not able to see where the files are stored due to some restrictions. 

Why not just link the old "Pizza scene" to the new WIP intro? Then, in a later snapshot, Link the old pizza scene back to the WHOLE old intro, and replace it with the new in-house scene?

(1 edit)

The old and new intros have canonical differences and inconsistencies, they don't fit together so we're avoiding doing any mixing and matching at this stage. The save file locations should be the same regardless of the Itch app being used, there locations for each platform are in our FAQ.


Will there ever be an option to pursue Eric? It would be cool to get more rat cuteness.


Xevvy might make a "Tales of Woodcrest" or whatever its called about that, But nothing else I guess. Also, Eric just wants to fuck near the time you meet him, So you most likely wont get to date him sadly.

(1 edit)

I wonder if the main character will get sad at not having a chance to get some vitamin R ;) from Eric.

But Eric if there was a route for Eric he could develope a friendship that becomes friends with benefits. Then grow to want it to be something more.

I agree. I would be up for that!


I read some of the previous posts, and find the criticisms odd.   I read Diego's route first, then Tai's.  What impressed me was how much your creativity as a storyteller had improved.   Tai's route has much more content cleverly woven through it, with other characters and their sub-stories adding so much interest.  I look forward to your future updates not just to see what Happens to Tai, but to Eric and Jay, Dom and Axel,  Logan and Tobais, with possibilities of other relations like the dog and kangaroo.  You must realize by now you could turn this into a regular novel instead of a VN with descriptive content to replace the visuals.

     Far from being upset over Russel's early involvement, I am glad to see you are starting right off with serious character development in this route, instead if it appearing towards the middle.   

     After reading some of the short sighted comments, I don't wonder you feel a touch of anger and burn out.  Please do not let the quality of your work or the progression of your literary talents be stunted by those who think you are writing some sort of short comic book feature.

      These critics may be loud, but are hardly in a majority; most people like your work I am sure.    


<3. A vocal minority I'm sure. And I won't allow their griping to distract me from the stories I'm trying to tell. 


When I read the log for Axel/Dom's route I was so excited thinking it was finished (|||-_-) But now I'm super intrigued since Russel is part of the story right from the start unlike other routes. Can't wait to see what the Axel/Dom route had in store, but I'm also wanting it now lol.

Can't wait to see what's next! And how soon we can get the cheetah cheeks XD

Well I just finished Diego's route and honestly, the writing was amazing.

I personally wanted to go axel's route but from what I read in Diego's route and the new update I'm guessing you won't end up together but that's just a guess anyways I'm sure it's going to be good

Happy holidays and happy new year everyone 

(1 edit)

What would a route be if you didn't end up together by the end? Axel/Dom's route is still in early stages, but it's full of unexpected surprises - be sure to check it out! Otherwise Tai's route is almost complete and tackles a story with a broader scope - give it a shot!

when I enter he takes me out right away can you fix it please

I'm not sure what you mean.

I mean when I enter the app at the time of loading it takes me out

We're not aware of any present issues like this so this would appear to be an isolated case. Assuming you're on Android, try uninstalling the app, redownloading it and installing it again fresh. Also be sure your device meets the minimum requirements, most notably 2GB of ram is necessary for the game to run properly.

Ok thank you

(1 edit)

You mean u open the app and it closes instantly when it starts ? If so it might be ur phone.

I know this is most likely an art oversight but Tai playing a right handed guitar left handed is going to scratch the hell out of the finish. 

Other than that the quality of the recent updates have been phenomenal

I'd like to start by saying that I enjoy the game so far, and I'm looking forward to the Axel/Dom route.

That said, I did find the conversation with Tai at the start of the route a little dense. To be clear, I saw your response to Watery Zen, and my comment doesn't concern the structure of the route - I'm totally fine setting things up in the first few days. I just found my attention lapsing a bit during the conversation. Obviously Tai is a loquacious character, and I wouldn't want you to change that, but perhaps a couple more lines of MC's thoughts or observations somewhere in the middle could break things up a bit.

To finish up the comment, this was my first time playing since the UI update, and things look really nice!

I don't think I've said this before, but I've taken a liking to our rather quiet ursine companion, Logan. He reminds me of a friend back in my hometown...


I really, really love this game! It's super fun, has great story, and just grabs you by the throat and makes you play more (lol). Love the character designs and artwork as well! Everything looks beautiful.

Also, for having 4k assets? This runs quite well on my rather old laptop.

I do have one question, though. Do you have any plans for any kind of Eric route?

He won't have a main route in the story, but he'll be the focus of multiple tales so there'll be plenty of content for him at a later date

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