Sileo 0.55 June Updates Now Available!

Wake up, everyone! It's Sileo time!

This update is a juicy one! The public release includes a new chapter in Day 20 of Tai's Route and introduces a new character: Rusty! In addition, there's three new CG's and two new drawn backgrounds - Axel's Parent's House and Summervale!

Over on Patreon this month, we've finally put a bow on the day one of the Intro Remake with some tasty drinks and some chicken and meatball pizza! After all, who doesn't like cock 'n balls?! There's also one new CG featuring some basic animation!

The real meat of this build however comes in the form of technical improvements. Last month, the Ren'Py 8.1 update finally dropped and this has allowed us to take advantage of a series of new features and improvements. For one, we've recompiled all of Sileo's artwork natively in the newly supported AVIF image format, resulting in increased visual fidelity while saving around 50MB in the builds! We've also introduced support for Ren'Py Sync, allowing easy transfer of save files between platforms via the cloud. In addition to this, Ren'Py 8.1 includes a significantly improved browser client that not only looks and runs better, but now supports animated sequences! Finally, good news for those of you playing on modern Mac's: Ren'Py 8.1 now has native support for Apple Silicon (M1/M2 Chips) which should result in an even smoother experience on these chips.

This update also includes a few improvements to existing artwork assets. The Logan vs Diego CG that takes place on Day 15 of Diego's route has been reworked and not only looks much nicer now, but also incorporates Logan's current design. Axel's sprite has also been revised, giving him a more detailed and shapely body while also rectifying a few anatomical quirks. Lukas' sprite has also seen some love, featuring more subtle linework and other improvements from head to toe (or hoof, I suppose!)

This is the most significant upheaval of Sileo's guts in quite some time, and hopefully our hard work has paid off! We've tested this build quite intensely, but please do let us know if you run into any issues!

As always, thanks for your support! Have fun with the new update!

New Patreon Build Content: 

• One new chapter in the Intro Remake! (1x4R)
• One new CG featuring some basic animation!
• Two new drawn backgrounds - Axel's Parent's House and Summervale! 

New Public Build Content:

• One new chapter in Tai's Route (20x2).
• Two new drawn backgrounds - Axel's Parent's House and Summervale!
• Three New Illustrations.
• Introducing Rusty, a brand-new character who will play a major role in Lukas' Route with his first appearance happening here in 20x2! 

Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes:

• Updated to the newly released Ren'Py 8.1 (from 7.5.3) and migrated Sileo's codebase to Python 3 (from Python 2).
    • The browser version of Sileo now fully supports animated sequences!
    • The Mac OS version of Sileo now natively supports Apple Silicon (M1/M2) hardware!
• Migrated to the AVIF image format (newly supported in Ren'Py 8.1) which both increases the visual fidelity of Sileo's artwork while offering a significant reduction in Sileo's file size! The 0.55 update will be approximately 50MB smaller than 0.54.1!
• Added support for Ren'Py Sync, a new feature in Ren'Py 8.1 which allows for the upload of recent manual save files to the cloud to then be effortlessly downloaded to another device!
• Improved version of Logan's Fight CG's on Day 15 of Diego's Route with various enhancements and using Logan's updated design.
• Improved design for Axel's body in his sprites.
• Improved version of Lukas' sprite with the primary purpose of making his outline consistent with that of other characters.
• Fixed an issue which was preventing the update check from notifying the user a new version was available. The code for this feature has also been reworked to support Python 3.
• Many other minor fixes and improvements.

PS: If you repeatedly get an error when uploading via Ren'Py Sync, there does seem to be an issue on the server side or with the Ren'Py Sync functionality itself - clearing your save data and starting fresh does seem to fix the issue going forward, just be aware this is an issue we're aware of but isn't an issue with Sileo - we'll just have to wait an hope Ren'Py addresses it.


Sileo v0.59 Public - Windows / Linux 279 MB
Version 5500 Jun 07, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Mac OS 274 MB
Version 5500 Jun 07, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - iOS 271 MB
Version 5500 Jun 07, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Android 285 MB
Version 5500 Jun 07, 2023

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Is it weird that even though Roo's real name made me laugh, I think it actually sounds BETTER than just the name Roo?

xevvy, how long until us public people get the full intro remake?

Well that would require it to be finished first. Right now only Day 1 is done and the last chapter of that released just now on Patreon. That'll arrive on Itch in the next update. The full thing is still some ways away.

It's looking great already so far :D