Checking in! Info on Next Update + ETA

Hey there, everyone! Damn, it's uhh... it's been a while, huh?

Sorry about that. This wasn't an intentional sojourn into the void, more so an overdue consequence from several years of mounting burnout and creative overexertion.  In our more recent output, I'd adopted the wrong attitude of "we'll get there eventually." As it happens, eventually, even that becomes untrue. A better approach might have been to take a much-needed break before we were forced to, but my financial reliance on our Patreon earnings made any time off little more than a pipe dream. 

Caught between a rock and a hard place, as they say. And perhaps the solution is not to endure, but to become more solid than rock? More hard than a hard place? ...fuck, what a crap segue. But anyway...

It's with that in mind that I reveal a change of plans for our next update: a brand new "Tales From Woodcrest" side story featuring the one and only Eric and all of the shenanigans you'd expect him to get up to! That's right - you'll all finally have the sublime pleasure of seeing our very own legendary Mr. Plow in action! But who with, you might ask? And ruin the surprise?! I think not!

Speaking plainly, the intention here is to start fresh on something new and just go ham while making it. I specifically chose something I felt would be a ton of fun to write and incorporated a metric shit ton of my best (and worst!) ideas. The hope is that this will rebuild momentum on our side and leave us fresh and motivated to continue forward. 

At this stage, we're expecting this content to release in multiple parts, however part one (which comprises four chapters) will be the subject of our next update. We'll decide at the time whether to proceed onto the second part or to get back to work on the main story material. At least three parts are planned at this stage.

To set expectations, we're only pivoting in this direction properly at the time of writing and thus are primarily starting fresh. The tale as it stands employs an array of original artwork including new backgrounds, outfits, sex scenes and more. As such, it will likely take us a little while to have everything done. As our new content tends to release on Patreon first, we're aiming to strike a balance with this upcoming release by releasing the full first part on Patreon and instead releasing the new content from the last update as well as the first chapter of four from this new tale publicly. Naturally the rest of part 1 will arrive in a subsequent release. 

Thanks for being patient with us so far. Hopefully the next update is enough to make up for it!  You'll hear from us again in the near future!

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I want to see the scene where Mr. Plow and Diego fucked nine times~


Not gonna lie, seeing Mr. Plow in action is gonna crack me up. I'm excited to see what you'll come up with!


Sounds good to me. Can't wait!


Awesome! Looking forward to it!