iOS - Detailed Installation Instructions

Sileo is now available on iPhone and iPad completely uncensored! 

Due to Sileo's NSFW content, an App Store release would likely have required significant censorship. This is why we've instead opted to bypass the App Store entirely, releasing the iOS version of Sileo as a standalone .ipa file that can be sideloaded using third-party tools such as AltStore. This can be done on a completely stock device and does not require jailbreaking or anything of the sort. All you will need is a Windows PC or a Mac and a few minutes to set it all up.

For the purposes of this guide, we'll be using AltStore as it's the tool we've had the most success with during our testing. You may use other tools to sideload the app if you wish, but should you encounter any problems, you're on your own.

Okay then, let's get started!


Installation Instructions

Note: These instructions are accurate as of when this guide was written. Updates to AltStore, AltServer and iOS/iPadOS may change this process somewhat so be sure to follow the instructions provided by AltStore carefully and cross reference them with this information as their instructions are more likely to be up to date.

Step One
Set up AltServer on your Windows PC or Mac using the instructions provided on their website. Setup for Windows / Setup for Mac

This step is complete once the AltStore app can be started on your iPhone/iPad. Be sure to follow each step carefully, and reboot your PC/Mac before proceeding to step two! So long as you don't uninstall AltServer or change computers, you shouldn't need to do this step again.

Step Two
Download the Sileo .ipa file on your iPhone/iPad and put it somewhere handy. You might also download it on your PC/Mac and place it in your iCloud or another cloud storage. 

Step Three
Open up the AltStore app on your iPhone/iPad and navigate to the My Apps tab. Tap the + in the top left of the screen. Now locate the .ipa file you downloaded in Step Two and select it. AltStore may ask you to enter your Apple ID credentials at this stage - this is so it can sign the app's certificate using your Apple ID and is a necessary step when sideloading apps. Once entered, sit back and relax while the installation takes place. This may take a couple of minutes depending on the speed of your device. You'll know it has been completed successfully when Sileo appears in the list of sideloaded apps. You're done!


General Questions & Troubleshooting

Why is Sileo only valid for 7 days? What happens if those 7 days run out? How many apps can I sideload at once?
Apple IDs that aren't a part of the paid developer program have a 7-day limit when sideloading apps. You are also limited to three apps at once. This is unfortunately an Apple restriction. So long as your device can sync with the computer you set AltServer up on once every seven days, AltStore will automatically refresh these certificates on your behalf so they never run out. If you want to have more than three apps sideloaded, you can temporarily disable apps within AltStore to enable others without having to uninstall the apps each time. Paid Apple Developer Accounts ($99 USD/Y) have no limit on simultaneous apps, and generate certificates that are good for 365 days.

I get an error message saying 'Could not find AltServer'
To sideload apps, your device needs to be able to sync with AltServer which you set up on your PC/Mac in the beginning. Make sure this is running and that you enabled Wifi Sync so this can happen wirelessly. If you just installed AltServer, try rebooting your system first.

I get an error message saying 'Could not find Mail plugin'
This happens on Mac OS. The mail plugin is required for AltServer to work. Make sure that the Mail app is open and see if this rectifies the issue. If not, open up the settings for the Mail app, open up the plugin settings, and make sure that the AltServer mail plugin is enabled, then close and reopen the mail app.

I get an error message saying 'No provisioning profile with the requested identifier...'
At the time of posting this guide, this occurs in older versions of AltStore due to a server-side change by Apple. Using AltServer, reinstall AltStore on your device to upgrade to the latest version fixing this issue. 

When a new update for Sileo comes out, how do I update to the new version without losing my progress?
Install the new version .ipa file the same way you did the old one. Do not uninstall the older version, just install the new one over the top

What are the minimum requirements for Sileo on iOS?
The iPhone 7 & 8 Plus are the oldest devices we expect to run Sileo without any issues. The non-plus 7 & 8 devices, as well as older devices such as the 6S+, have less memory and it may not be enough for Sileo to run without crashes. For iPads, all recent Pro and Air models will run Sileo just fine. The first generation 9.7in iPad Pro, the 2018 iPad 9.7in, and other older/lower spec devices may run into trouble. We have not been able to test Sileo on these lower-spec devices specifically and thus we cannot say for certain if it will work or not - you're more than welcome to try, and please report back and let us know how it went if you do! Further to this, the minimum supported version of iOS is 13 at the time of writing. This may change in the future.

If you have any other issues with AltServer or AltStore, you can find their FAQ here.


That's all for now! Hopefully, the information above was everything you needed to make the process of installing Sileo on your iPhone or iPad. With that said, we'll update the above information as we learn more and as things change. If you have any issues with the process, be sure to check AltStore's FAQ first if it's an issue relating to AltStore or AltServer. If you can't find a solution, or the issue relates to Sileo itself, drop a comment here and we'll do our best to help out!

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every time i try and to download it using altstore it keeps saying that its missing a file or it could not be found??

If that's referring to the .ipa file, make sure you have it downloaded to your device and point AltStore at that file directly. Fetching the file from Dropbox has also worked pretty well in my case. If you can't work it out, see if you can screenshot the exact error you're getting and I'll see if I can't figure out what's going wrong.

Yayay also the same way you spoof Pokemon go :3

First time I've ever seen a vn dev support iOS, and I'm all here for it! Super cool of you guys to do this!

They made me buy a Mac ;_;

Oof, I can feel the burning of wallets haha, I remember how much it was when I bought one lol