Sileo May (0.54) Updates Now Available!

Sorry this one (like all other ones these days) took so long. Hopefully the wait was worth it!

This update is loaded with bells and whistles to enjoy in addition to a new chapter of  story content! Content first, 20x1 of Tai's Route is now available and features one new illustration, one new background and a new outfit/sprite variation for Tai that we think you'll like! 

Over on Patreon, we've released 20x2 of Tai's Route which introduces Rusty, a long time acquaintance of Tai and Lukas who is taking Lukas' spot as the oldest character in Sileo at the tender young age of 48! The patreon update also includes three new illustrations. Can't wait to meet Rusty? You can find him over on our Patreon!

As for the bells and whistles, the most notable new addition is that of the chapter select menu! From here, you'll be able to jump to any day in any route you've previously reached in a pinch! Lost your save files, or don't want to go through the hassle of transferring them? Tap Diego's belly on the chapter select screen a bunch of times to bypass the unlock requirements! This update also introduces a continue button on the main menu which will automatically load your most recent save file! The main menu layout has been reworked to accommodate the additional buttons. We've also updated the UI for the Backgrounds and Illustrations gallery pages to match with our current design language.

Thanks for being so patient with us! 


New Patreon Build Content:

  • One new chapter in Tai's Route (20x2).
  • Three New Illustrations.
  • Introducing Rusty, a brand-new character who will play a major role in Lukas' Route with his first appearance happening here in 20x2!

New Public Build Content

  • One new chapter in Tai's Route (20x1).
  • One new illustration.
  • One new background - the new location of Tai's Garage.
  • One new sprite outfit/variation for Tai. 

Features, Improvements and Bug Fixes:

A new 'Continue' button on the Main Menu which jumps straight into your latest save.

  • A new 'Chapter Select' option on the Main Menu, allowing you to quickly jump to any day you've previously reached in the story without needing a save file in that location! For those who may have lost their save files, you can bypass the unlock requirements by poking Diego's belly on this screen ten times.
  • The Backgrounds and Illustrations gallery pages have been redesigned to match the updated UI style. We've also excluded the backgrounds from the gallery that were still using stock images - these will be introduced when the drawn versions of each are completed.
  • Further updates to the Main Menu. The Quit button is now in the top right of the window, and the main menu buttons are now positioned below the web icons. The sizes of each have been adjusted to suit.
  • Font size adjustments in updated gallery screens and in the tales menu.
  • As an experiment, the Windows versions of 0.54 will exclude the 32-bit executable to save space in the download. We expect that nobody actually needs this, but if necessary it can be reintroduced.
  • Fixed a regression which prevented the naming screen from correctly capturing user input. This should help those on Android having trouble with the keyboard on this screen also.
  • Other misc bug fixes and improvements.


Sileo v0.59 Public - Windows / Linux 279 MB
Version 5400 May 03, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - iOS 271 MB
Version 5400 May 03, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Mac OS 274 MB
Version 5400 May 03, 2023
Sileo v0.59 Public - Android 285 MB
Version 5400 May 03, 2023

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i love this VN 💚, I was watching the new Tai CG on the garage and something was feeling off, then i see he don't have ears on the picture xd


Wow, you're right. Don't know how this wasn't spotted. Will get that fixed for the next update!

you know, I oppened the gallery and found there is an scene I never unlocked, interesting. Also, I found [Bittersweet Farewell] and it was instantaneous pain. Also, damn that new motorbike scene was really... Oh Là Là!

 This updade was really nice, weird dreams (I swear that I thought that it would end up in smut) but overall a really nice start of the final day.

Maybe its Diego's bad ending? (the missing scene)

Well, it's probably that, since it's beside the good ending... But I don't have the heart to unlock it, wo it's going to stay like that, forever.


i can respect that... I got mine by pure chance (and lust) and I got so sad and guilty like- yeah, I dont blame you


Thank you, Xevvy!

Such a lovely name

This update was so good (the public one) It was short and sweet and very funny!


ooooooo look out daddies, theres a new dilf in the block!


I regret reading this.

You're welcome