Sileo March (0.53) Updates Now Available!

Thanks for your patience, everybody! And sorry this one took as long as it did!

The public update this month contains the final two chapters of Day 19 in Tai's Route, finally bringing Day 19 to a close. This includes a sex scene, several new backgrounds, illustrations, outfits, and more besides. Both versions this month also include an all-new monologue for Kyrex in Diego's Route, Day 13 Chapter 4, replacing the old clunky one with a much better one.

On Patreon, we've released the first chapter of Day 20 in Tai's Route with a new illustration, background, and sprite variant for Tai. We'll also be debuting the beta release for the iOS version of Sileo over there shortly. Once we've ironed out any issues with the iOS release, we will release it here on Itch as well. You can check out the Patreon build here!

Thanks a ton for your patience and your support! 


New Public Build Content: 

• Two brand new chapters in Tai's Route: Day 19 Chapter 6 & 7, bringing day 19 to a close! 
• One new sex scene with four unique parts and 14 images in total!
• Three new illustrations.
• Two new backgrounds! A fancy restaurant, and a replaced stock image for the abandoned building interior in the woods.
• Completely new monologue for Kyrex on DiegoDay13x4 (following his discussion with Logan at the gym.)
• New expressions for Glenn and Roo.
• New sprite variations for Jay. 

Bug Fixes and Misc: 
• Misc spelling and grammar corrections.


Sileo v0.60 Public - Windows / Linux 280 MB
Version 5300 Mar 21, 2023
Sileo v0.60 Public - Mac OS 275 MB
Version 5300 Mar 21, 2023
Sileo v0.60 Public - Android 286 MB
Version 5300 Mar 21, 2023

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When will we get scenes in SFW/NSFW of Axel?

No ETA as yet. Axel's first scene is a little way into that route and we're working on various things at once, it might be a little while yet.

(2 edits)

Wait, so (Diego's) day 13 is that day right? Is the monologue after choosing to stay with Kyrex (or something)?

No, it's the brief section from his perspective where he encounters Logan at the gym. The monologue after Logan disappears has been replaced with a better, longer version

K, thanks!

(2 edits)


Edit:(and spoilers so its farther down)

While speeding through tais path to get to the end of day 19, i just realized
(this probably isnt true)
Could the person Adrian sees at the concert be Athena? The immortal Apollo buried

Edit 2: What turned out was much better than expected
But now i want to take a shotgun to a certain disgrace who attacked our favorite blue dragon

I'll I second that, though I prefered salts or bean rounds just to make him to remember how and why he got it.~

Cut him and put salt on the wounds