New October Builds Now Available!

New Sileo content updates are now available on both and Patreon!

This Public release debuts the brand-new remake of the introduction section of the game, featuring the first chapter of the new day 1. This can be accessed via the "Tales from Woodcrest" option on the main menu and will swap places with the existing intro which will remain playable in the Tales menu indefinitely. This update also replaces the hilltop background with a newly drawn version and time-of-day variants and incorporates everything that was made available to Patreon in the 0.48 release. This includes unsynced animations, smooth character portrait transitions, the option to have an audible click when the dialog is advanced, a button on the main menu that will take you to our selection of new merch available at Pawprint Press, a massive slew of typo/grammatical fixes, visual fixes and so, so much more!

Did you know our Patreon now supports subscription billing? That means whenever you sign up during the month, you'll only pay again on the same date the following month! No more double charges and you can now be billed whenever is convenient for you during the month! 

With that in mind, the Patreon version of the 0.49 update contains the brand-new second chapter in the Intro Remake which nearly doubles the amount of content playable! Not only that, but this new sequence puts an interesting twist on the existing canon to make the content so much more entertaining as well as to keep you all on your toes! I'm really proud of how this new sequence has come together, and I can't wait for you all to see it!

We're sorry it's been such a while since the last public update, but rest assured with the changes in our release cycle, we're aiming to release a series of new content updates in a quicker time span than usual to start things off on the right foot! With the massive technical changes that were featured in 0.48 as well as the new improvements in 0.49, this public update is sure to be one of the most significant in quite some time!


New to 0.49 Update: 

  • Significant improvements to the structuring Chapter 1 of the Intro Remake, as well as numerous spelling/grammatical corrections. (Compared to 0.48 Patreon) 
  • Changes and improves the title animation sequence in Chapter 1 of the Intro Remake. (Compared to 0.48 Patreon) 
  • All music tracks have been replaced with versions whose average volume has been matched to approximately -20dB. This should improve volume consistency, however, quieter tracks may now seem louder than before - if any of these seem inappropriately loud, please let us know so we can make adjustments. 
  • Slightly reduces the volume of the "click" when dialogue is advanced. (Compared to 0.48 Patreon) 
  • Replaces the Hilltop BG with a newly drawn version with three variants. 
  • Updates the Bonus Material gallery menu to the new design. Other menus to follow. 
  • Fixed an issue where the information window on the final page of the Jukebox would be slightly taller than intended. 
  • Fixed an issue where Adrian's outfit would change for several lines on TaiDay19x4. 
  • Fixes a repeated word on DiegoDay16x3. 
  • Fixes minor visual artifacts present on Diego's Intro CG & Train Station BGs (x3) 

Includes Everything from 0.48 Patreon Build: 

  • Ren'Py Updated to 
  • Includes the first chapter of the Day 1 Remake, currently available via the Tales menu. 
  • Adds two brand new CG's! Axel's Intro CG and the From Afar CG, both seen in the Day 1 remake. 
  • Adds one brand new background! Adrian's old apartment in the city debuts in the Day 1 remake. 
  • Button on main menu advertising Sileo Merch/Tai + Diego Dakis! 
  • Name Selection Screen updated. Brand new design, as well as a button that generates a random name, and a button that resets the name to the default of "Adrian". 
  • Updated naming screen easter egg (Day 1 Remake Only). 
  • Sileo no longer waits for transitions to complete before displaying dialogue - this makes the game feel massively more responsive! 
  • Character portraits now have a smooth transition when the expression/character changes! 
  • There is now a 'click' sound effect when dialogue advances - this can be switched off in the preferences menu. 
  • Improvements to character portrait consistency, necessary for smooth transitions. 
  • Minor improvements to Gallery Main Menu, text now rendered in engine and button hover effect now more consistent with the rest of the UI. 
  • Minor improvements to Adrian's Surprised + Shocked expressions. 
  • Minor improvements to all of Jay's expressions. 
  • Minor adjustment to Russell's dialogue in his first introduction scenes (both routes). 
  • Minor adjustment to Diego's dialogue on DiegoDay10x4. • Improve expression usage on TaiDay11x1. 
  • Fix the "drunk" effect on Diego's sprite doubling up. 
  • Fix several missing silhouettes across both routes. 
  • Over 1000 typos and grammatical errors fixed across all routes! 
  • Fix numerous clunky transitions, shorten transitions that are commonly interrupted by other transition effects. 
  • Adjusts how the protagonist's name is referenced for compatibility with the Tales mode. May have corrected some niche issues where a previous name you have chosen has stuck between sessions. 
  • Fixed an instance where a previous background or a transparent background would show if a save created on TaiDay19x3 failed to load correctly. 
  • Numerous other minor improvements and fixes.


Sileo v0.58 Public - Android 281 MB
Version 4900 Oct 15, 2022
Sileo v0.58 Public - Mac OS 270 MB
Version 4900 Oct 15, 2022
Sileo v0.58 Public - Windows / Linux 276 MB
Version 4900 Oct 15, 2022

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are you going to update the new  route in other characters and i want to know more please i just need to know more i want to know what happens next to the tiger route i didn't even know what's going to happen next

The next update will contain 2 chapters in the new intro, but we're aiming to release a new chapter in Tai's route in the following update and we've begun preparations to begin work on a new route as well, no ETA on when that'll debut.

when are we going to get more routes instead of having Deigo and Taige (i forgot what his name was again it's been a while since I last played this game

This question is answered by the first question on our FAQ.

Getting a bit more story as to what led to MC going to Woodcrest in the first place was nice. Poor naive little Axel though... XD



Sileo takes one more step into the hall of legendary VNs (⁠ ⁠´⁠◡⁠‿⁠ゝ⁠◡⁠`⁠)




The update makes the intro very good but that is not surprising seeing as I hold this game in the highest regard out of all the VNs I have played so high quality was expected! Keep up the amazing work!