September Patreon Update Now Available!

It’s time for the September Patreon Update! Politely just ignore that it’s October already in parts of the world, okay? Thanks!

Sorry that this one took so damn long! I was struggling to get 19x6 up to my standards, so rather than continue bashing my head against that metaphorical brick wall, we switched development over to the Intro Remake which is something I’ve been excited to get stuck into for quite some time! This update contains the first half or so of the brand-new Day 1, complete with two brand new illustrations and one brand new background! This first half already has twice as many words as the original Day 1 and is a massively improved experience with far stronger writing, more meaningful dialogue, more humorous quips, and even some brand-new scenes to expand and improve upon the experience! And no more black screen “woe is me” opening sequence, now replaced by a brand new cold open set the day prior to Adrian’s journey to Woodcrest!

During its development, the remade intro will be accessible via the “Tales from Woodcrest” screen in the main menu. Once completed, it will trade places with the original intro and become the standard experience when you click “New Game” while the original intro will be preserved under the Tales screen for those wishing to experience it.

This update also comes bursting at the seams with a boatload of improvements and fixes! The game no longer waits for transition effects to complete before rolling out dialogue, and dialogue advances with a new and satisfying click sound! Character portraits now transition smoothly from one to another, too! The naming screen now features a random name generator and a reset button along with a new design, and if you were interested in getting your hands on one of our new Tai or Diego Dakimakuras, there’s a handy button on the main menu that will take you straight to our selection over at Pawprint Press! And as if all that wasn’t enough, how about more than 1000 typo & grammatical fixes across all routes?

This one took us quite a while, but suffice it to say, there’s plenty here to sink your teeth into!

Swing on by our Patreon and take it for a spin!


  • Ren'Py Updated to
  • Includes the first chapter of the Day 1 Remake, currently available via the Tales menu.
  • Adds two brand new CG's! Axel's Intro CG and the From Afar CG, both seen in the Day 1 remake.
  • Adds one brand new background! Adrian's old apartment in the city debuts in the Day 1 remake.
  • Button on main menu advertising Sileo Merch/Tai + Diego Dakis!
  • Name Selection Screen updated. Brand new design, as well as a button that generates a random name, and a button that resets the name to the default of "Adrian". 
  • Updated naming screen easter egg (Day 1 Remake Only).
  • Sileo no longer waits for transitions to complete before displaying dialogue - this makes the game feel massively more responsive!
  • Character portraits now have a smooth transition when the expression/character changes!
  • There is now a 'click' sound effect when dialogue advances - this can be switched off in the preferences menu.
  • Improvements to character portrait consistency, necessary for smooth transitions.
  • Minor improvements to Gallery Main Menu, text now rendered in engine and button hover effect now more consistent with the rest of the UI.
  • Minor improvements to Adrian's Surprised + Shocked expressions.
  • Minor improvements to all of Jay's expressions.
  • Minor adjustment to Russell's dialogue in his first introduction scenes (both routes).
  • Minor adjustment to Diego's dialogue on DiegoDay10x4.
  • Improve expression usage on TaiDay11x1.
  • Fix the "drunk" effect on Diego's sprite doubling up.
  • Fix several missing silhouettes across both routes.
  • Over 1000 typos and grammatical errors fixed across all routes!
  • Fix numerous clunky transitions, shorten transitions that are commonly interrupted by other transition effects.
  • Adjusts how the protagonists name is referenced for compatibility with the Tales mode. May have corrected some niche issues where a previous name you have chosen has stuck between sessions.
  • Fixed an instance where a previous background or a transparent background would show if a save created on TaiDay19x3 failed to load correctly.
  • Numerous other minor improvements and fixes. 

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