Sileo is now playable on Itch in your browser!

Sileo is now playable directly via our page!

Sorry this took longer than we’d planned, Itch has a 1000 file limit on browser builds isn’t something that is listed anywhere on the project dashboard (at least that I can find). We only discovered this when we went to do on-site testing before launching the 0.46 build which is why the browser version is a few days late. Thankfully, we reached out to Itch and they have raised the limit which allows us to upload the full browser-based release of Sileo without having to cut any content! The version you can play here is identical to the downloadable releases with the exception of the animated sequences which are unsupported by Ren’Py when playing via browser.

Now, here are a few things to help you get the best possible experience when playing Sileo this way.

  • 1) Use a Chromium-based browser. This means Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge (the new one), Opera, Brave, or another browser based on Chromium. Firefox is known to run Ren’Py poorly. Safari is unsupported and may not work.
  • 2) iOS is unsupported but may work. This is due to limitations in WebKit which is a technology Apple requires all browsers on iOS to be built on. This is also why Safari is unsupported on all platforms. With that said, milage may vary – we’ve had people play Sileo on their iOS devices this way where everything has worked perfectly! But we’ve also had people report sometimes major issues such as no sound. If you’re on iOS and having trouble, please be aware that iOS support and iOS-specific issues are completely out of our hands and we cannot do anything about it. Ultimately, this will come down to Apple and/or Ren’Py to rectify. Knowing Apple, this will never happen, but Ren’Py itself may change in a way that improves this situation in the future. If we become aware of such changes having occurred, we’ll let you know!
  • 3) Take care when using programs like CCleaner! The downloaded data and your save files are stored in your browser cache and as cookies respectively. Software like CCleaner can delete both of these things, so please be careful!
  • 4) Be aware of the limitations of the browser-based release. While this version is the same as the downloadable release (except for the animated scenes), the browser-based release will run slower than the downloaded version, will use lower resolution placeholders for any artwork that hasn’t yet fully downloaded, and will have higher system requirements than the downloadable release as well. This is to say that if the downloadable version struggles to run on your device, the browser-based version will not be an improvement. You will also still need enough space on your device to hold the game's data. The browser-based release currently requires a 39MB download to start but will stream assets in as they’re needed during gameplay with a fully downloaded browser-based release currently being 255MB.
  • 5) Want to import your saves? Here's how. Using the menu button in the top left of the screen, you can import your save files. These must be supplied as a .zip file containing a folder named "Sileo - Tales of a New Dawn". The save files should be within that folder. On Windows, you can find this exact folder containing your current save files at %APPDATA%\RenPy\ (you can paste this into explorer or use Win+R and paste it into the Run box to go directly to this folder.) - simply pack it into a .zip and you're good to go. Our FAQ contains save directories for all platforms, and saves are fully compatible across every platform including browser.

With all that said, hopefully, this new method of playing Sileo is convenient for you all! We’ll be updating this release alongside our public releases going forward! Enjoy!

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