August Public Update Now Available!

Hey, everyone!

Our August Public Update is now available for download.

Now you might have noticed that last month's Patreon build took a while to release, only coming out a few days ago. Because of this, this content will be spending a little bit more time on Patreon before we release it publicly. This is to say that today's update contains no new content.

It does however contain a bunch of fixes and improvements resulting from the development of our browser-based release as well as the upgrade to Ren'Py 7.5. Those are all present. At this stage, we expect to release the new content alongside the browser-based client later on this month. 

Nonetheless, I hope you all enjoy the improvements that come with this version, and we'll be back later in the month with a more exciting update to sink your teeth into! (Or if you just can't wait, get it now over on Patreon!)


  • Ren'Py Updated to version (July 8th, 2022). This is the first public release based on Ren'Py 7.5. 
  • Adds four brand new expressions for Roo. 
  • Adjusted Glenn's character portrait to more closely match Roo's and Roux's in positioning. 
  • Xevvy let his "kiwi" slip on Day 4. No evidence remains. 
  • Fixed a missing silhouette for Spencer on Day 10 of Diego's Route. 
  • Small adjustments on Days 11 and 16 of Tai's Route to better fall in line with established lore. 
  • Corrections to numerous misaligned portraits, as well as a missing silhouette on Day 1. 
  • Fixes an instance where Adrian is wearing the wrong clothing on Diego's route Day 12. 
  • Fixes a plot inconsistency in Diego's route Day 12. 
  • Updated the following backgrounds and all their variants from superior quality sources. Most also have small improvements, alterations, and variances. 
    • Waterfront 
    • Train Station 
    • Suburbs 
  • Xevvy ADHD'd hard and redrew/repainted much of Diego's Living Room to address the worst artifacts and other issues resulting from this BG having been AI upscaled from a 720p source. 
  • Persistent data (IE: Gallery unlocks) are now manually saved every time the game reaches a new chapter. This fixes a web-specific issue, but should also improve overall gallery unlock reliability. 
  • Subtle fixes to the character nameplate and color bar to address a web-specific issue, this happens to correct a small misalignment that has been present ever since the new UI was introduced. 
  • Other minor corrections and improvements.


Sileo v0.57 Public - Windows / Linux 274 MB
Version 4500 Aug 02, 2022
Sileo v0.57 Public - Mac OS 268 MB
Version 4500 Aug 02, 2022
Sileo v0.57 Public - Android 279 MB
Version 4500 Aug 02, 2022

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So when is the public getting an actual update

See bold text in the post above




I think he means there was a scene on day 4 that is no longer in the game.


A sentence was adjusted as it used terminology not common outside of Oceania.


Colloquial term for New Zealander.