July Patreon Update 0.30 Now Available!


That took a fucking while, didn't it? Finally, at long last, the initial 0.30 release is available for download!

Let's take a look at what's new...

New Content - Day 15 
This is the build that finally drops the entirety of Day 15. Yes, there are answers, and they're farther flung than you might be expecting! Included with this is a ton of new artwork, new music tracks, two new characters, fancy lighting effects, homeless people, birds and dad jokes. This update may or may not be to everyone's liking, I've been calling it my 'Hideo Kojima' moment simply for how dramatic and dense it all is, not to mention the sheer duration of the explanation, so hopefully it isn't too boring!

A Bunch of New Bells & Whistles!
0.30 by and large is an attempt to modernize the code base for Sileo. Much of what was there was very rudimentary, very manual and not really all that great. In response to the technical issues we've had with our new releases, 0.30 was designed to help prevent a lot of those problems from occurring in future. It contains the file cleanup system, a full system to handle save incompatibilities, a bunch of improved interfaces and menus, a lot of condensed and/or optimized code, significant optimizations to file handling and compression (resulting in 0.30 weighing in under 500MB on desktop platforms!) and much more besides!

On the topic of save compatibility, we've scrapped all the existing data which allowed old save files to work in new releases and we're starting fresh. What this means is that most saves will not load properly in 0.30, however we've created a new system just for this purpose! Once you load your save, saves made in 0.26 and 0.27 that had reached a checkpoint in those versions should restart from that checkpoint. Otherwise, those saves as well as saves from older versions of Sileo should restart from the beginning of that day. All in all, we're hoping that this system will handle any save you throw at it, so here's hoping!

Now, of course, being a huge technical update, there will almost definitely be code gremlins! We've tested this build more thoroughly than most, but we're still expecting problems! Please, report issues to us if you find them!

Now in all fairness, I haven't even BEGUN touching on what this update contains. There's a LOT of great things we've done with this update, and it's only the beginning - there's plenty more yet to come! But for now, fuck a full changelog, I'm tired! Just play the thing and see what I mean!

July Patreon Update 0.30 Now Available! | Werecat Entertainment on Patreon

Looking forward to hearing your guys thoughts of this zany, zany update! And again... we're sorry it took so damned long. It was a doozy, that's for sure.

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Is this for public or?

It's a Patreon update. This content will be coming to Itch in August!

Don't know if you remember this but I had asked a question a while ago and haven't had access to the internet to rely 😅. Anyway it seems that it's only your game that won't let me download on Android I'm not really sure why though.

For the update, what character route does it fall under?

We are currently developing Tai's route.


For Tai's route I git to where the main character collected the necklace in the home town where Axel used to live with his parents, and I kinda bummed that was it for now but wondered if the main character and Tai would get married because of the ring that Tai wore.

Also I finished Diego's route and unlocked all of the sex scenes so far including Logan's almost all of Glenn's


Deleted post