Sileo's Visual Update & You! All you need to know...

Howdy, everyone!

As you may have heard through the grapevine, in February 2021, the Public Release of Sileo will be receiving the visual update which first released to Patreon in January. This update contains a number of major improvements, including a new version of the engine with updated graphical capabilities and native 64-bit support, new 4K assets and more!

Of course, being such a major update, there are always going to be questions! Hopefully, we can answer them all below, if not, leave a comment and we'll come back to you!

My PC/Phone is not very good. Will Sileo still run?
The answer is probably, or perhaps hopefully. In our testing, we found that Sileo still ran well on an overwhelming majority of systems, including some very old and out of date hardware. It is however a simple fact that the update has increased Sileo's system requirements and that a very small percentage of people may no longer be able to play it. We estimate based on our testing that roughly 97% of systems that can run the existing versions of Sileo will be able to run the updated version.

I don't have a 4k screen. Will Sileo still work?
Sileo will scale down to whatever resolution your screen is. For 99.8% of people, Sileo will look a lot nicer too! (Steam's December 2020 Hardware Survey indicates that 720p and below make up 0.20% of surveyed PC's). This also means that users with high-DPI displays will no longer have to deal with Sileo being blurry, as it now scales natively with your display scaling settings up to a resolution of 3840x2160!

How does this update affect the games filesize?
0.17.1 on Windows weighs in at 176MB. 0.20.1 on Windows weighs in at 407MB.

Does this update break compatibility with any systems or platforms?
No. Sileo is still compatible with 32-bit systems (Use the 32bit exe in the game folder!) and only requires OpenGL2 supported Video Hardware. OpenGL2 was first released in 2004, so your system almost certainly supports it. 

What other features and improvements will the visual update contain?
Below is the full changelog for Patreon Build 0.20.1. The version that will release to the public is 0.20.2, and will contain additional improvements and fixes - the below is primarily for reference.

0.20.1 (Patreon) - Released January 7th, 2021

Updates Ren'Py to stable build which adds OpenGL2 and native 64Bit support.
Replaces all visual assets with native 4k (3840x2160) variants.
Some code changes and improvements to improve functionality at high resolutions.
Tai's route can now be chosen on Day 5 and the first scene of his route is now playable.
Adds an Intro CG for Tai on Day 3.
Adds a drawn background for Tai's house with two variants, replacing the stock image.
Adds a drawn background for the Cafe, replacing the stock image.
Increased chatbox and history font sizes for better readability on small displays.
Reduced maximum player name length to prevent the name overfilling the frame. This will not affect existing names.
Increased the size of the Skip and Choice buttons for a better experience on small devices.
Increased size of Calendar to match the quick menu.
Added a button to the main menu allowing you to view the credits without completing the game.
Added a button to the main menu and the credits linking to our Discord channel.
Characters not yet met will no longer display in the Sprites Menu in the Gallery. 
Enabled rollback with a limit of 15 lines, allowing you to rewind dialogue. This is in addition to the history function.
New unlock conditions for several characters gallery entries.
Fixed the Hot Spring BG being available in the gallery before being unlocked.
Numerous dialogue improvements, fixes and the odd adjustment on days 1 - 5.
Minor adjustments to Kyrex's Second Sideplot (Day 5/6)
Other Misc Improvements and Bug Fixes.

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This is gonna make my phone explode, lol

Can't wait

This seems like mostly a backend update visually. Are there going to be replaced assets (background/characters)

Every single visual asset in the game has been replaced, although most of them were derived from the same masters. Some things, like the user interface, had to be remade from scratch - although the new versions of these are intended to closely match the old ones. Besides this, there are several new backgrounds and a new CG in this build. For the most part however, you'll be looking at the same artwork, just in much greater detail than before.

I'm excited!