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This was a really good update, I really enjoyed getting to know more about Diego and Eric's just a delight to behold! Tai's so far my favorite and I can't wait for his route in the future, but Diego is really cute too and that cg on Day 6 was adorable as hell!


I love all of them already. I love games that made me feel like I am actually friends with the characters inside. Keep up the great work.

Glad you like it! New build coming tomorrow, be sure to keep an eye out :)

I love the art style a lot, and the story is really interesting

Axel is so cute! He will have a route right? ÓωÒ


He will! 

Please tell me Tai and Lukas have routes...


Yes, they will both be dateable in future versions!

Wonderful! Can't wait for that to happen!  By the way, I think I found a bug, when you go to the gallery to see Don's and the little cheetah sprites the don't work, say an exception occurred. Don't know if anyone has realized this before. 

It all seems to work on my end with the current dev build. The next update is due in about a weeks time. See if it still happens with that build and if it does, take a screenshot and upload it as a comment here and I'll figure out what the issue is.


I just finished what the game has to offer and I must say it is amazing so far! I love all the characters especially Diego and Tai. Im excited on how their story gonna progress in the future.


Kyrex is only a side character? Man i want to date him tbh


Dude, I also want to be able to date him, but it will never happen

Although if all fans of the game want it, the developer may have to do it(or not)

I'll say straight up he cannot be dated. Without spoiling anything, this is for plot reasons. However, something can happen on Day 7 that might interest you. Day 7 will release on the beginning of next month to Patreon, or the beginning of September to Itch.


Ooh. A hot character that cannot be dated. What a welcome surprise.


Xevvy, know that your game is beautiful is fun, I hope the next update will arrive as soon as possible.

Thank you for the feedback! Next update will release in the beginning of August!

It may just be because it's still early stages, but I'm kind of getting the impression that choices don't actually matter much? You get a different scene initially but then the story just jumps back to the standard progression.

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Some choices will matter more than others. Most of the choices during the intro won't have significant immediate effects with only a couple of exceptions, but as the story progresses and the stakes grow, choices may be the difference between a bad ending or a good one. Most of the choices in the intro were designed to allow the player to show a preference for certain characters which would in turn direct them down that characters route. As of right now that system isn't complete on account of there being only one route available, but we intend to revisit the intro chapter once the the first route is completed and overhaul a lot of it, this feature included. 

Oh, ok. Maybe I'll want to come back to this after the overhaul, then. Currently it just feels too linear to me, and linear VNs aren't really my thing.

Oh. So it functions like a heart system at the very beginning. The person you have the most hearts with will set you on their route. From then on, every choices have not only affect the heart system, but the dialogue and the potential endings it may have.

Correct. Like I said right now the system (we are calling it affinity on the team) awards points and such but as of right now those points aren't used for anything. We're going to implement this functionality later on once Diegos route is released.


I liked the writing a lot and I love all the characters and the story.  Diego happens to be my Favorite ❤.  Can't wait to see what's more to come :3. 


I'm a little curious - is Axel going to have a romance arc for himself or would we be intruding on something...?

I can't say much without it being spoilers, but a number of our planned routes explore slightly unusual or perhaps challenging situations. Axel's route will be one of these routes. 


I found Kyrex very hot ngl, but that's beside the point of what I'm trying to say. 

I love this VN it's very interesting and it has a way of pulling you in and grasping you firmly refusing to let go, (like every story should) its absolutely amazing and I can't wait to see more keep up the good work❤️❤️❤️

Glad you like it so far! Thanks for the kind words!

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Np, hard working people deserve praise so I give what I can. 

ahahaha diego is so cute. and that belly....*poke* *poke*

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I found out what song is play in Diego's House, it's called Pyro Flow By: Kevin Macleod.

Actually, it's RetroFuture by Kevin MacLeod:

The majority of our music is paid licensed stuff, but we scatter a bit of Kevin MacLeod in there to give us a better selection of tunes - not everything we've licensed is a good fit.

ooh rip


I am really enjoying this VN. Decided to become a patron on your patreon.


Thank you for your support, we really appreciate it! Glad you're enjoying it so far. There's some really awesome stuff coming in the August Patreon Build, so keep an eye out for that!

oh that was pretty nice. I really like the lizard and i do hope in the future it would be a dateable character..... If his not a playboy that is. I really like the music soundtack in the menu screen. There wrre some parts of the song reminded me of a certain game or a certain show/anime. If possible i would like to know the songs name but thats about it.

I love the game so much! ^^

It's funny how Diego reminds me so much of amicus XD

also, quick question, I tai also a love intrest? If so that would be a nice change of pace than the usual vn's 

Yes, Tai is intended to be a love interest option in the future!

ah thank you so much ^^


Great VN :D Please make Kyrex a thing ^.^

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Whatever do you mean by 'a thing'?


make him dateable character <3333


It's not impossible he might be added to the roster at a later stage, but there's a good reason he won't be dateable as of right now, not that I can say much without it being spoilers. 

Keep an eye out for Day 7 though. That's all I'll say at this point! 


He's the ex isn't he? I have a nack for this kind of thing and I can already feel that hes the ex =~=


Even with the change to Diego's neck, his anatomy is still really strange. He has too much belly considering that most of his body doesn't really look fat. He looks like he either has terrible posture (pushing his belly forward) or is actually pregnant.

This is something we'll be addressing in the 0.13 Patreon build, as well as the 0.12.1 Public Build. These versions will be made available beginning of next month. Thanks for the feedback!

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pregagenant? >:D


This is a good start for a VN, all the characters feel unique and interesting, the music is good and you have some nice visuals so far. Good work, I'll be on the look out for more.

Thanks for the kind words!

ooo this seems like an interesting game i want to give it a try now but for some reason when i  try and download the PC version of the game it does download itself but when i click on the download to try and drag it to my desktop to try and unzip it like it doesnt work at all it just says removed when i click on it and im not sure if its my computer or what it is but id love to give this game a try

Sounds like perhaps your antivirus or something is interfering with the download? Perhaps try switching your antivirus off before you download the file, then extract the zip and switch it back on. Promise there's no gremlins in the zip file!

ohhh i see what you did there, keanu reeves reference XD

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Hello Xevvy! I played this visual novel and I liked it. Good drawing of sprites, good history, good backgrounds, everything is here! Anyways I advise everyone to play it

I would like to ask you, will there be other languages in the game? It's just that English is not my native language and it was very difficult for me to translate everything. I would like to see Russian language there

And two more questions:
1. How many routes will be available in the game? five?
2. Will the game be paid? For me, this question is very important, because I am poor :-(

(Sorry if there are errors in the text)


Hey there!

We have 4 routes planned at present with the possibility that we might add more at a later stage. 

Sileo will be available free of charge - during development our supporters on Patreon will receive frequent work in progress updates but as we reach milestones in development we will bundle everything up and make it available here on Itch.

On the topic of translation, we've talked about it but it won't be something we'll pursue until the game is nearing completion and whether or not we do it will depend on our supporters on Patreon both for funding the translations as well as determining what languages we translate it to. The engine we use does support unofficial translations however so there's always a possibility someone will translate it themselves at some point. 

Hopefully that answers your questions! 


I understood everything, but I didn't fully understand whether there will be other languages in the game.

Well, look, you can throw a file to translate the game to Twitter for example, and people will change the dialogs from English to some other language. Then you will be sent this file with the translation and you will insert it into the game
(Maybe I'm talking nonsense, since I'm not a programmer and don't know how to do it)

Heya, Just want to say that this is a great start towards a new furry VN, Loving the characters so far, and that early CG was a nice treat 😘, I wanna know though, will the tiger boss be romancable? Im loving his character design 😉

Good Job and hopefully many more updates in the near future and Good Luck! 

Thanks for the kind feedback! All of the characters introduced in the first 3 days of the game are intended to be date-able in future versions of the game. First among them will be Diego, with other characters following once his route is complete.


What a great start! Positively surprised by the amount of polish in such an early build! It's clear how much love and care went into this project.

Can't wait to see more ! Characters are all lovely and interesting, the art is great, fully hooked.

Thanks for the feedback! Glad you enjoyed it!


This might be a weird question, but whom do you play as? Like, species.


Canonically, Adrian (or whatever you've chosen to name him) is a Husky. There'll be opportunities to see what he looks like later in the game!

Oh, thanks.

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Woah! we accidentally got to see Diego's dong on 3rd, that's really fast! and well.. really impressive😛 and after that he acted all flustered and all it's really cute, get my hopes up for dating him like "y'know i'm interested if you interested" and that big belly looks appetizing worth licking 24/7👅💦  and all characters are looking good! Story is great!  It's enjoyful not too much detail per day, No more stress like others furry VN that i've played a bunch.  I love it!❤️ Thanks for another awesome VN!👍💪

Deleted post

Thanks for screenshotting the typos! I've gone through and made adjustments to all of them which will be reflected in later builds. And to briefly touch on what you said before, there will be a mixture of animalistic designs and human designs, and there will be sex scenes in the game with fully drawn CG's. 

Deleted post

i have played alot of VN´s and i gotta say im really excited for new updates
Really awesome piece of art :) 
and i love that diego got a big belly :P


Heey there's a furry visual novel discord server. If you're interested in interacting with other developer, then you should join in !

Ummm... Mind if ask when do you do updates? Is it every month? Or do you do updates randomly? I really wanna know...

Patreon will receive development builds each month. Public releases will occur on development milestones, the first of which we're aiming to have done in the next few months. There's no firm release date for public builds, moreso when they're ready.


oh also your game is incredible

Thank you. Glad you've enjoyed it!


This game is so good, you made Axel so slick oml I love him <3

Thanks for the feedback, we're glad you've enjoyed it!


Oh, I love this game so much

Deleted 3 years ago

Good suggestion! We'll discuss it among ourselves and decide if that's something we'd like to do. 

when i saw this vn i didn't thing, it would be this good. Charachters are very good made and the story is good too. 

Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for your feedback!


excellent artstyle, presentation, music and characterizations. extremely strong start outta the gate, even unique UI and backgrounds too, so polished for a WIP game my goodness. already pining for few husbandos honestly with diego being #1 thus far.

We're glad you've enjoyed yourself so far! Thanks for your kind feedback!


Will this get public updates? Or is this demo the only time that there will be a public update?


Hey there! There will be future updates made available to the public. There will be smaller updates released here and there generally fixing issues and making improvements, with larger content updates taking place at predetermined points throughout development. The next major public release is planned to contain the complete introduction of the game as well as introducing several new side characters, a map system with optional side plots and plenty more. We expect to release this version in the next few months. Stay tuned!


Can you add somewhere noticeable that this is a trial version? i only found out that non patreons wont get anything past the introduction arc by reading the full page on patreon. 


Thanks for your feedback! We've been tossing up whether or not to make Sileo a free project and have decided that's exactly what we're going to do. Our Patreon supporters will still receive work in progress versions of the game but once we've hit our development targets and applied some polish, we'll bundle together everything new in those development versions and provide them on Itch free of charge.

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Really good VN can't wait to see more of this VN, I really have only have two small problem with the VN Diego neck I feel like his neck is a little to long other then that I like Diego. secondly, the scene with the characters can feel a little to short sometime but a really good VN in all keep up the good work :D


I agree with this. It's a great start to a VN with a few minor things that I would like to see changed. Diego's interestingly long neck being one, short screen time of characters being second, and some slight grammatical errors being the third. On and off note though, I do quite like the character designs. Good luck with this project and have fun with it. 


Thanks for the feedback! We'll be tackling the neck issue in an update for the demo coming very soon. As for the length of the scenes, we're planning on revisiting the first few days and beefing them up a bit on our next public demo release, so stay tuned for that!

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The art was amazing, music was also good. I really like the pace of the story, slow but steady. First CG was hella nice! Love it. The game is very promising and I'm looking forward to next build.

Two things that I hope could change:

-Option to rewind or read history log. Sometimes I misclick and cannot go back to read or rechoose an option

-The head position of Diego when he is shirtless is kinda off. It made his neck look longer than normal. 

Another random request from me, since you mentioned that MC remember how Diego smells like when he first walk in the house. I assume musk will be a topic? I'm a huge fan of musk, so I'm excited to see more of it in the future :D

Thanks for the feedback! Both of these things are being addressed and will be released as a free update very soon. Stay tuned!

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