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When playing in your browser, where are the saves/data stored on the computer? 


Save files are stored as cookies by your browser, so wherever your browser of choice keeps those. You can take a copy of them using the menu in the top left and selecting "Export saves"

Awesome, thanks for the reply, Xevvy! :3

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For some reason, I just can't bring myself to take Axel from Dom.


Who's to say you will?

Clever foreshadowing.

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This VN is awesome and very cutes characters, but about this last version one (0,51) (A little spoiler) sorry but it sucks a little -_- I was forward about watch the first Axel and Dom route's day but I only saw a neverending dialogues between main character with Tai and Russell and nothing more else, thats all . Me : WHAT? O.O, I felt a little dissapointed and boring, several months waiting for this route, almost a first interaction with Axel or Dom and nothing about that happenned :`( . Dude it sucks. Please, please, the next version less boring dialogue and more interaction with the main characters in that route 

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Deleted 83 days ago

Its not my fault if you continued read my comment when I wrote cleary in bracket SPOILER, Its your own mess, not mine, the next time beware with the word SPOILER or read other comments if you dont like some of those, some people have the right to write which each of us our sensation or constructive opinion if we want or give some point if it helps. I am free write whatever I want always with respect, but you are the one have not any right tell me what thing I have write or not, its not about your bussiness. If you dont like, dont read more comments then dude

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Deleted 83 days ago

It was interaction with a main character in the route. It just so happens that this route has a few unexpected surprises up it's sleeves. In the art of storytelling, setup is necessary for the payoffs to feel earned and rewarding, and if you always get given exactly what you expect, that would get horribly boring and predictable. Good things take time, so be patient and enjoy the journey. What you're looking for will come, but there's a story involved, so at least give us the opportunity to set that in motion before you complain about it.

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I understand, you are right, sorry if I could sound a little rude its not my intention, only it was a little perception mine but I could be wrong, whatever I dont know if each version are monthly or each 3 months or so and I was so look forward for a new day with Axel or Dom, but I like your work and you have a great work with this project, I hope the next version look forward. Thanks for your answer and merry Christmas and new year :)

The last update was 2 weeks ago, but releases vary. These initial scenes set the stage for things to come, and Russell has a huge part to play in this story - it wouldn't function without him. There'll be plenty of Axel and Dom from day 7 onward,

All the other routes have you immediately spending time with the love interest, and I like to think that this one is unique for doing something different. It does a lot of things differently from the others, such as not having a traditional villain character, and of course tackling the subject and logistics of polyamory. Just be patient, these things take time. We're only at the very beginning, and a unexpected surprises need to happen in order to set the story in motion. Just be aware that the next update will be the same, so maybe hold off on that one until we add some chapters in day 6. 


I get that you didn't enjoy the update because it wasn't action packed but I think that's how most stories/movies/shows/books start. They gotta build the foundations to get you immersed into it and then when they add in drama or action you understand why that character would react in that way. I think it's also because in literature you structure your stories normally containing exposition, conflict, rising action, climax, falling action and finally a resolution (sometimes). Whether or not this update was good comes down to your own individual opinion and this is not intended to attack your opinion. However it should be noted that this story is still a work in progress and I'm sure you do love Sileo: Tales of a New Dawn since you said "Please, please, the next version..." which to me is indicating that you're staying tuned for more because you're interested in the stories potential.

You're right. I could understand that when the creator explain me that before, sorry if I seemed annoyed before but I really wasn't so. Perhaps I was too excited when I realize a new route finally started that I waiting too since first day and then I dissapointed in that moment, but I can see that works have its progress and its steps. I will wait carefully but ansioux the next updates. Axel and Dom are too cute and I love watch more about their route soon


Is tai's route done or not? just wondering since it ends with a "to be continued"


There is a development log about this that came out eleven days ago 😉


You know I will always love all the romanceable characters the most... especially Tai but Eric is so hilarious I kind off wish he had a route.

We've got several tales planned for Eric, so don't worry, his time will come!

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**Spoiler Warning to anyone who hasn't played the game.**

I am on day 15 on the Tai route, and I was curious on how you came up with the story with Apollo and the whole DCD thing. It is a weird but intriguing story plot point and want to know how it came to be? I have no idea if it is in the Diego route or not, please don't tell me if it is, but I love the whole idea that the world is the same world as ours, just in a future where mankind went extinct. I also noticed that there is some google images as backgrounds. (laughed every time I saw one) Is that just a place holder or something? Anyways. The Game/book is really good so far, and can't wait to continue!


The lore introduced in Tai's Route is largely a mishmash of ideas I've had in the back of my mind for a long time. It's hard to say how I really came up with it beyond it being the culmination of a blend of media I've consumed over the years and my own misanthropic and nihilistic worldview. In a way, I had hoped to show that despite new life having taken up humanity's mantle, the inherent humanity in our successors is what leads them down the same doomed path our species in real life is currently seeing through to the bitter end. Despite some improvements, many of the same old human-made problems simply repeat themselves, as is our nature, and even though this new earth is no longer inhabited by humans, every single intelligent life form is half-human, and that is already more than enough. Ultimately, what lies ahead for them is unknown and open to interpretation. In that regard, my own predictions are no more valid than anyone else's. 

As for the filtered photo backgrounds, some of these are original and others are stock photos. Anything we've used we've done so with the appropriate rights, creative commons or somesuch. When we started out, CurryCatz wasn't confident in his ability to render backgrounds and to expedite development, we simply utilized original photos or stock images to fill in the gaps. As it would happen, CurryCatz was actually quite good with backgrounds! These days, we rarely if ever use stock photos, preferring instead to draw original artwork, only using them where absolutely necessary to reduce his workload. Thinking back, the last time we used a stock photo I think was the alleyway on Tai Day 17, which was more than a year ago now! By the time we release 1.0, we're aiming to have original artwork for every background and no stock images anywhere.

My first time playing... I Made the horrid mistake of calling myself Dominic. Now I have to reset so I don't get mixed up, but I guess I'm glad he showed up really early 😅

We actually disallow naming yourself as the same as the characters, but I guess "Dom” is there and Dominic isn't. I'll add that for the next update.

Good lord, as someone who's not fluent in english, Roo's dialogues are a pain to read (in a funny way)

I just like, dont understand shit hes sayin 💀 (tho, thats probably a normal thing i think)


Don't worry, unless you're Australian or a Kiwi, even native English speakers see little more than complete gibberish! That's part of the charm!

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So question I thought Diego's after Story was going to happen after you finished Taj's r o u t e I know plans can change I'm just wondering what's going on with that also I am really excited to see what you have planned for d o m / axles route mostly going to try to go for d o m but Diego is still my head Cannon route I absolutely love him


In the recent devlog, Xevvy said that Diego's story "will appear when the time is right." Could be before Tai's route wraps up, could be a while after. It's just down to whenever he gets it done and feels like releasing it.

So is tai's route done?


No, not yet. There's up to date information in the FAQ about what we're working on and where we're up to.

Hi, is it possible to buy the game for having access to all the updates without paying each month?


Not at this stage, Sileo is intended to be a free release so everything does release here on Itch free of charge, we just roll out new content one update ahead on Patreon to help cover development expenses and such. We are intending to make a release on Steam at some stage and we're toying with the idea of making the Patreon content available there for a one time purchase, but it's hard to say when that'll be - we're already juggling 8 different build releases with each update and that's already something of a headache


I see, thank you for answering me and have a nice day/evening .


Is there a way to add a "Skip to Next Choice" button? The skipping function in Sileo seems to take a lot longer than most other Renpy games I've played, so it'd be nice to just jump forward.


The skip function runs as fast as your system can handle, but as we're using 4k assets this can be a little slow on some machines. A skip to next choice option would be pointless for the most part as routes such as Tai's have no real choices at all, you'd just end up skipping to the credits! We do plan to include a chapter selection option at some stage, but this isn't an immediate priority


Ah, well thanks for the response.

Wait, how many characters are datable? Currently playing the introduction and am really curious


2 at this stage, however the Patreon update released just a few minutes ago bumped that number up to three!


I love this VN, but I only have one critique... the MC is TOO NICE for me. I wish there were more options to be angry at people when they wrong you. Or at the very least that the MC would stop back tracking every time he gets angry. *spoiler alert*  I just got to the part of Tobias telling me to fuck off and I definitely would've liked the option to tell him to fuck off right back since I didnt do anything wrong. DEFINITELY at the very least would not apologize to someone that told me to go fuck myself when I didn't do anything wrong. Tobias is a bit of a dick so far and Id like to make up with him, but I also wouldve let him know that he was way out of line in that moment to speak to me and ESPECIALLY to Diego like that since Diego didnt do shit except stand there. Not the only example just the one that made me come comment. Even when the MC is justifiably angry at certain points, he later invalidates his feelings and gaslights himself into thinking he over reacted and shouldn't have felt the way he felt in the first place. You don't have to stay angry and you can forgive, but for the love of God don't act like you're being ridiculous and shouldn't have even been angry in the first place! Again I LOVE this VN it's just an aspect of the MC that drives me crazy.

I just got gaslit by Adrians self-gaslighting....


I just want to let you know that this VN is clever and catchy from the very beginning. I really like the different decisions one can take and that actually it does affect the characters' routes. The story unfolds at its own pace and it always comes with new surprises along the way. It's my new reading addiction 😉✌️ Infinite thanks to the developers 😎👍




is there somewhere to see a list of the characters? theres no wiki or anything 😔

What happened to tai's route?

It suddenly stopped updating for an intro remake to replace it and now I heard they are starting to work on Axel and Dom's route even though tai's isn't done yet.


We've covered this in the FAQ and in update notes. Long story short we've been taking a break from that route to work on various other things to help ensure that the ending of that route will be up to standard and not a product of burnout. We're hoping at this stage to release the next chapter of that route in the 0.51 update (tbc). 


Will Kyrex get a route? I feel like it' is really missed potential not having it with how things can get resolved from another angle. Especially with what happens after you accept the invitation being a massive overreaction on Diego's part.

He won't have his own route, but he features heavily in several tales which will develop his character a lot.

is there a route for eric???

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Same answer as above. Eric is secretly bestboi but the furry community are rat racists. I for one love my little horny ratboi and will see to it he receives some great content of his own via tales.

Deleted 117 days ago

what will the new update be about? hoping its one for dom and eric

when ubdate ?


Hopefully not too long now. No definite ETA, but I'll toss myself off a damn cliff if it ain't soon...

All my data disappeared :(


you got a homophobic virus 😂

i fuckin guess lol

I got ligma 😢


Your dad


I absolutely adore this game 😭 I have been playing nonstop all week! All I wanna do is keep reading it! Im so excited for future updates, especially for the closing of Tai's route!


나는 로건을 얻고 싶다


would love to see an Axel and Dom route they are cute as hell please make one


Prob not added in yet


I think after Tai's route ends Xev will start developing Axel and Dom's (and it's poly, Yay) but there's no telling how it'll go


This miiiight be debuting in the next Patreon release but sssh don't tell anyone


Just finished most of the public build last night...I've been playing this pretty much nonstop the last couple of days.

What I expected when starting Sileo: a fun, cute (and hella gay) VN with some very nice horny additions.

What I got? A far more complex, thought-provoking, and loving set of stories than I ever could have expected... some scenes making me laugh out loud and some scenes making me audibly weep at my computer at 2 AM while these characters I loved so much struggled with the complexity of what love is and what it means to love someone unconditionally.

And also plenty of horny :3

Don't want to post any spoilers here obviously, but I just had to comment here on what a masterpiece this has been (and will continue to be)! Extremely well written, characters that are very well-developed and complicated, all shown through the lens of someone experiencing life anew. Not to mention the LORE! I was not ready for all the story Woodcrest had to offer me.

Thanks for such a great game; I wish the developers all the best and more. <3


Thanks! <3 Glad to hear you've enjoyed what we've got so far. We're not even halfway done and have plenty more ambitious stories we're excited to tell, so stay tuned for future updates!

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i would kill for a route for the shark

i may or may not have forgotten his name 

was it russel.. russal???

anyways hes adorable. i love him.

thank you for creating this vn

edit: Russell

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i agree with you russell a sugar bite! 😁 what I liked the most was when he said why Adrian was walking weird?🤣🤣🤣


So I've been hurt, I didn't expect all that for a barman 😶‍🌫️🥲. I'm not sure if Tai's route is completely done but I'd like to think its winding down.

So I finished Diego's route first, rough but all so good. I loved him, but man oh man did it not prepare me for Tai's. It pilled on the sex (in a good way. He's one sexy tiger), but also the mystery. I don't think I'll ever recover from that cafe scene. Good job on that one! Then all the peices came together later on. Alot to process if I'm being honest haha.

Last thing, Glenn can suck it 😜 (he do be kinda hot tho)

All in all, I look forward to more. You've got a repeat reader here 🥳

Glad you enjoyed it! I expect Tai's route to run for 5 - 6 more chapters. We'll be returning to finish those off soon 


So im guessing that it will be a while until Lukas gets his own route


No, I'm planning to debut at least one of the new routes either once the intro remake is completed or once Tai's route is finished, and I plan to debut the other soon after.

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I expected nothing (new to furry visual novels) as i tried some other ok to meh VNs before.

But, oh my god I'd never think I'd get so invested in Diego. Maybe because some of the details describe some of my relationships that went wrong. Maybe because seeing in the comments, that you put some of your experiences in, made it more believable. Whatever makes it so good, I'm really thankful for the experience.


I don't know if I'm able to play Tai's or any other Route as it feels like undoing the wonderful outcome with Diego and betraying him. Especially after i saw the bad choice branch out of curiosity. Damn.. you filled me with guilt and at the same time broke my heart with this one.


Made me think about myself and my past and current relationship alot. Something i usually only get out of a really good book.

That's the kind of quality I'm happy to support with a bit of my money.


Thanks for your feedback. I'd definitely recommend giving Tai's route a try as it's the route where our vision for Sileo really began to coalesce and we finally got the quality to a level we were satisfied with - don't worry, we're not the kind to make you feel bad for it. Diego gets a happy ending of sorts no matter which route you choose, and this way, you get to spend more time with him! 

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Thanks alot for the reply. I guess it won't be so hard to play the other routes then.

I still kinda wish, that the Diego route maybe also gets some quality additions in the future. Diego already seems a bit short in comparison to Tai's route being more than 3 times the amount of dialogue. Either that or maybe Tai's route needs some refactoring or simplification.

No matter what, I'm sure any further addition will be great.

We have plans to add a new chapter that takes place following the ending of Diego's route in the near future. I also plan to rework Diego's route eventually in the same way we're currently reworking the intro, the first chapter of that can be played on the public build by selecting Tales from Woodcrest in the main menu if you want an idea of how it's going to be different. 

That's great to hear. I already tried the new intro and it's a big improvement and looks so polished.

I'm really looking forward to every quality rework and addition to Diego and also the other characters. It seems like I will have to play every route in the end anyway to find out what the hell is up with Spencer.

You are really talented at making me curious.


Everything about Spencer is revealed in Tai's Route, so you can find out right now if you wanted to!

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Possible Spoilers

As far as I’m aware, all the characters at the top/banner are either going to have a ‘scene’ or already have a scene. Does this mean Russell is going to get a scene eventually too? Just wondering since Lukas, Axel, and Dom are currently the only ones without one, but they’re pretty much guaranteed to have one since they are going to be a route. Also, Russell is my favorite out of all the characters.

Purely coincidental, though most characters will eventually have scenes of their own including those in the banner. 

I sense quite some inspiration with Horizon Zero Dawn, am I right?


Nope. I haven't played that game.

I'm a little worried that Jay's scene was my favorite.

Where is it? Tai's route? 

Yeah, I’m pretty sure it’s in Tai’s route since I haven’t seen it in Diego’s route.


Went will Lukas route release ?


See the first question on our FAQ.

Is Roo and Roux a thing? I've been wondering that for a long time...

This question is answered in the latest scene in Tai's route.

Oh ok. Btw, loving the VN so far! Keep it up!



I've been wondering for the longest time, how is Sileo pronounced? I'm going to go insane if I don't know


Sih-Lay-Oh. If you put the word into Google Translate and set it to Latin, it will provide the option to pronounce it.


LOL, I've never thought about that myself since my native language is Spanish and I've had read the word as it is written. But It's good to know :3

I've always read it as "Silo" lol

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Just got to Day 14 of Tai’s route, and the game keeps crashing when I try to load into a save. The only thing that seems to let me get farther is loading into a Day 13 save slot. However, when I try to export saves on Day 14, it crashes and I have to reload into the Day 13 slot again. 

(Mobile Browser)

You're the only person to have reported an issue like this, it might be gremlins in your save file, especially if the save file has been around for a few versions already. Best thing I could recommend is starting a fresh save and fast-forwarding through to the point you're up to. Hopefully the fresh save will rectify whatever has gone wrong. 


Will an update add the possibility to date Russell please?



So is that a yes? Orrrr? Lol I wanna imagine what drama could happen between us, Russel and Axel

(Also amazing work, just wanted to say that really quickly)


I admit nothing. I'm innocent! Innocent I tell you!




Eric *meets Lukas for the first time* 

In Eric's head:


A man of remarkable taste.

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. True love is measured by how deep you fall
And judged by how low you are willing to crawl
Just to save it and make it last
It is determined by how willing you are to open up and offer your trust.
It is hospitable, amazing at all times, and always kind.
It is never prejudiced, it is color blind.


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