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Skoni wawa

Man wtf


Man I can't wait for Lukas's route to be updated


honestly just wow. finally finished Tai's route at whatever time it was first thing this morning, I couldn't put my phone down. such a roller-coaster of emotions. I can honestly say I was not expecting such a captivating story from Tai's route. such a different story to Diego's route, certainly alot more complex which I think is one of the reasons I love this route now. was (not gonna lie) a bit obsessed with Diego's route him being your best friend and with how sweet his story is and all but after playing tai's route. well feels like that story will be tough to top. btw whoever wrote roo! bloody legend mate 🤣(as a fellow Aussie damn it was funny to see his character, just perfect)

Thanks for the good feedback! Roo will be making more appearances is future updates so stay tuned! 

omggg....i love jay so much. really enjoying this VN

French version please !!?


We support fan translations, but being a free project with a very small budget with nobody on the team speaking French, it's not something we can do in house. 

Really enjoying the VN thus far. Just... really hoped that there'd be a bit more choices in some scenes.

Not to spoil too much but... why are we forced to get high out of bloody nowhere?

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The choice not to hasn't been released on Itch yet, these things take time. It's available on Patreon already and will arrive here in the next public update.


I absolutely LOVE this vn soooo much 💖💖

My one question is whether the mc will be able to date Dom or Axel separately? Like will there be a poly route, Dom route, and Axel route, or will there only be the poly route? Regardless of the answer, thank u so much for such a great story, I would love to someday be able to write something like this! 💖💖💖


Yes, it will be possible to date one or the other specifically. 

[Some Minor Spoilers Ahead!]

I know that the Poly route is not finished yet, but I wanted to try it.
While I expected to get a Fuzzy Foxhole or some Chunky Cheetah Cheeks, what I got instead was a Double Serving of Shark Sushi Sausages.

Like, dude, how did Adrian get both appendages fully up his butt? It's not like he has much experience, I think?

Anyway, this isn't a ranting comment. I just wanted to say that I was kinda shocked? Also, the cg that is shown in the other routes when Russell is introduced has him designed better than his sprite, at least in my opinion. The sprite's design kinda makes him look more like a dolphin, while in the cg, it's clearer that he's a shark.

And as always, keep up the good work! You've done amazingly, and I wish you the best!


The current patreon release/next public update adds several choices and new chapters to Day 5 which make the scene in question entirely optional and allow the day to end in several different ways. There'll be a number of optional scenes like this in the completed route, though some will impact what endings are available to you. This particular one has no impact either way.

As for how Adrian pulled that off... furry buttholes are magical portals leading to a distant and very spacious realm of possibilities!

So we will be able to reject Adrian.


I think the only way to reject yourself is to stop playing.



Thank you for taking the time to answer me!
It's exciting to know what you have planned for the story. I also liked how you made each route kinda "versatile", we get to bottom, then get our final prize by topping. No one will feel left out this way.
Oh, and that introduction rework you're making is already fantastic! At first I kinda liked the original one from "The Village That Never Sleeps", but this new one is the best!

One last question, and you don't have to answer it if you don't want to or don't have the time: Will we be able to date/fool around with characters like Jay? I kinda wanted to "get my dick wet" (with somebody's maw around it) in the strip club in Tai's route.

Sincerely, your sex gourmet of a fan.


It's my hope that most characters will have a scene of their own eventually. Jay already has a scene in Tai's Route, so I'm more inclined to give other characters their chance before revisiting him, but never say never.

Thanks again for elaborating!
And yes, my bad. I haven't  finished Tai's route yet.
And again, sorry for bothering you.

how about date with jay? i mean ... uhh jay's route :3

So i'm guessing the option to pursue Axel or Dom separately will basically be denying or accepting Russell's offer?

Assuming by offer you mean what happens on Day 5, your actions there won't prevent you from pursuing any specific character or ending. It's even possible to pursue Russell without having done anything with him on Day 5.


Just finished Tai's route and my god, I loved EVERYTHING about it. The story, the illustrations, everything was amazing. I adore the type of relationship we get to have with Tai and I am absolutely in love with his personality. Can't wait for Lukas' route and more about all the other characters! 


Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! We're expecting to debut Lukas' route a little later on this year, hopefully it'll live up to your expectations!

Somehow I missed an Illustration between "Glenn vs Roo" and "A Decision Made".  Can you tell me what I may have done to miss it?  Thanks!

That one is in the Intro Remake, you can find that in the Tales from Woodcrest screen on the main menu.

Brilliant... Thank You!

One of the BEST vn i ever read:sob:, and if i can be honest i really envy tai and adrian relationship likee they're so cute together and love each other i wish i can have a relationship like that :sob::sob:


When is the Polyamorous Route most likely going to be finished?


We're only just starting and we're expecting to work on some other stuff here and there such as Lukas' Route and the Intro Remake, so it's impossible to say at this point. Definitely not this year.

(2 edits) (+1)

Will there be more history after the routes? I mean, taking into account that the romances with the characters will continue to progress, we will talk, for example, about the mysteries of Apollo or the salvation of the Ortegans, or perhaps what the future of the protagonist would be like depending on the couple

We have plenty of this sort of thing planned, it'll all be a case of whether we get to doing it.

(1 edit)

Might be spoilers....

I don't know if this has been asked beforehand but I am just curious. Are there any series of choices in Tai's route that may have led to whether the threesome will happen or not?


Not at the moment, no. I've considered going back and making the Logan sequences optional, but it's so tightly woven into the overall story that it'd be a lot of work and would require new content to fill in the gaps. It may be something we do at a later stage, but right now I think our efforts are best focused on making new stuff instead of changing old stuff.

No sweat. I understand. I thought that your choice on Day 5(Kyrex) on every route will have an impact on the story since it had on Diego's route but right now while I am writing this, I realized implementing that will be so much hassle and I understand that you are not planning on applying that mechanics in the game instead adding new contents and I totally respect that (since people are excited for other routes including myself). But regardless I still enjoy the two finished routes so far. Stay healthy and don't push yourself too hard ^⁠_⁠^

There will be those sorts of mechanics in the upcoming routes, there just isn't currently outside of the Kyrex choice in the existing ones. The Kyrex choice does have some impact in Tai's route, but it mostly just results in some different dialogue in a few sections throughout the story, it doesn't change the events.

(2 edits)

Small spoiler for the polyamorous rute.

Perhaps this is a personal preference but, why introduce Russel at the end of day 5 or 6 (I don't remember) and just go at it with him without being able to choose whether you want to or not? Even after Adrian said how much he admired and liked Dom romantically. (I don't know if the same happens if you choose Axel as the love interest.) And I know it's because of Russel that Adrian thinks about dating Dom and Axel at the same time, but, to me, that sex scene felt unnecesary. I'm kinda dissappointed with it. Maybe it's because I don't like Russel that much. Anyway I was expecting something else. 

This scene is optional, just the choices and additional scenes that make it so aren't in the public build just yet. Those will arrive in the next public update, or are already available on Patron.

Ohh. Got it. Thanks xd


Done with day 20 what's next


Another route perhaps? Both Diego's and Tai's routes are finished, and if you've played both of those, we're just getting started on the poly route (Axel/Dom.) The version of that in the public release right now is just a small preview slice, but the next update fleshes it out and gets things started properly.

So we only get a price of don and axelm

We've only just started working on it. More content will arrive in the next update.


My honest review:
I just recently finished Tai's route, and OMG, to say I am gagged is an understatement. The writing, art and just everything in general is just outstanding! This is one of my favorite VNs of all time. I don't binge-read VNs that often, but this was an exception ; just to think, not even a week ago, I didn't even know this existed, but now I am already starting Diego's route, and I'm excited for what's to come!


Ok I just wanted to say this, but I FINALLY FINISHED TAI'S ROUTE. The story was amazing, and I loved the drama, the sadness, and the conflict that just came along with that handsome tiger, to finally be done with him after 3 years of reading his route is so sad to me, but to say I'm finally finished with him is so exciting for the next routes to be done!!!


I am not lying about any of that lol.

I enjoy novels that have more of a development to the relationship of a character then more of, going straight into a relationship and you get to see all the dirty and stuff. Diego did have a good route, but it wasn't like a "omg I want to keep reading!!" type of act. It was more "I'll read for a bit and see if it gets interesting" type of act. While with Tai it's like "holy shit we just broke up with him i need more lore."

Tai's route just had what I always wanted to read basically. Lmfao

Ahhh wtf day 20 made me cry and idk but I need more but idk how to get the update    will not open  and the  game is slow sometimes  uwu

Try opening it from your file browser, sometimes opening it directly through the internet browser doesn't work. If it's running poorly, that's probably an indication your device doesn't have enough memory. On Android and iOS, 3GB of RAM or more is recommended. Anything less and you're likely to run into problems. If you've got another device like a computer or tablet you can try, you might have a better experience there.

did that and my tablet died lol

I see the dragon in the like silio thing that means something i just know it. 

I absolutely loved the ending to Tai's route. It was well worth the wait for it.



No changes to axel or Dom routes :(

Only on the Patreon version this time. That content will arrive in the public version next update. 

amen to that 🙏

The 2 month await begins. Muhahaha :)

Hopefully not that long, but I say that every time...

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The ending for Tai was really sweet. Will there be an epilogue on him in the tales from Woodcrest? Feels like he could have a bit more story.

Potentially at some later stage if we decide to revisit it.

still waiting for lukka route lol

Xevvy be workin hard


I love Tai soo much <3

I love Russell too <3 

I want a Russell rout, and Lukas rout! Probably even Eric rout will look fun!

Watching........ and .......waiting 😱


is everyone dateable mostly askin for that shark/dolphin guy and the blue dragon fella


and that cute rat fellow


If you select Axel or Dom in the current release, there's some content with Russell (the shark.) Beyond that there's nothing for Eric or Jay right this moment, there is content planned for them if things get that far, but even failing that Eric will likely get something. He's a lot of fun to write.

I like to think Eric will be in Lukas rout


Not me checking every day for the next update


It'll be out by the end of the month!


Massive win

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Really??? i can't wait!


4 days.

23 hours and 24 minutes.


Any plans to romance Kyrax? :P hes so..bad..and sexy XD


We have lots of ideas, but our focus right now is the main four routes, of which two are done. Kyrex has a role in Lukas' route which will give him more screentime, but beyond the one sexual encounter he already his (visit the gym 2x times between days 4 - 6, then a third time on day 7 - careful if you're on diego's route!) right now there are no concrete plans. In the long run we hope to make more content for all our characters, but this won't be in the immediate future


I've just come back and replayed Sileo for the first time in a while. One thing that has always stood out to me as weird is the odds of someone being susceptible to pheromones. 1 in 50? When you are talking population level statistics that's actually a HUGE number of people! Hearing Spencer and Tai talk about it as if it is such a long shot is weird. They talk about it like it's about the same risk as being struck by lightning (1 in 100,000 odds). Hell, if we look at it like a disease, the definition of a rare disease has odds of 1 in 2000 (depending on the country) so 1 in 50 is super common.

(1 edit) (+2)

Indeed, it's not uncommon at all. But for that to be an issue, a person needs to spend considerable time in close proximity with either an immortal or someone who has spent considerable time close to one themselves. It's worth considering how rare immortals really are in present day. Minor spoilers, but Apollo is the only immortal as of right now that Adrian can personally comfirm still lives, though Dionysus is also still alive. Aside from that, these are the only two immortals known to be alive, and they both avoid non-immortals as much as they are able to. 

Small spoiler perhaps, but more than two still live. To eliminate the possibility, I will confirm that Artemis is deceased. But at least one other remains... there is content planned for this, though I cannot say how soon that'll be. Hang in there!


(1 edit)

中文是第三方翻译,需要单独下载。这是他们的Telegram链接:。 他们的Discord社区链接也在这里:。

Is there a guide? I feel like i didn't see any of pics or even some characters such as Roo...Or is the game not that far along yet?


The currently completed routes are linear so there's no need for a guide. Roo appears towards the end of Tai's route.

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The game gives you a choice every step of the way, until it doesn't and you just randomly suck a dick of some stupendously idiotic dudebro you just met at a bar.

And that's after the protagonist has been very safe and sound about his actions and very judgmental of people slutting out. He just... Goes and sucks a dick, and the player gets kicked to the back seat, helpless to change anything. 

The writer just gives the player a huge middle finger, out of the blue, RIGHT AFTER MAKING YOU CHOOSE WHO YOU WANT TO PURSUE. 

Nope, fuck you, [player_name], fuck your agenda, fuck your preferences, fuck your decisions, and fuck your investment in the story - you suck idiot's dick because what are you going to do about it?

Very disappointing... smh 

(1 edit) (+2)

This is a work in progress VN. There is an alternate path that avoids this sequence entirely, it just hasn't been released yet. It's planned to come out on Patreon later this month. Unfortunately, creating content like this takes considerable time and effort and not everything can be released all at once. 


An example screenshot from the current in-development version. The bottom choice avoids going back to Russell's house and yields a different scene entirely. There are also choices within the scenes at Russell's house which avoid the sexual encounter.

(1 edit) (+2)(-1)

Huh... Thanks for replying - despite the situation, it's nice to see a developer being active and patient with the community. With how angry I was, I was half-expecting to come back to a report or a ban.

But still, you can see where I'm coming from with this, right? It's just... I just got invested and then... Boom, suck a dick, player. And it's literally with the least attractive person in the entire game to me - both physically and personally, some bara fish dudebro who can't speak like an adult. I get it's a fetish, but it's not my fetish and I didn't enjoy being forced into it.

After I wrote that comment I kept pacing the room, seething, wondering if you did this just to insult the players who chose Dom or Axel - punish them for not choosing any of the bara men in your VN with mostly bara men. Not going to point fingers, but I've seen VN authors do this sort of thing before. I see now that's not the case here, but that's the mind space your VN put me in - I was seriously suspecting malicious intent, and I'm sure it's not how you want to make your players feel.

Why would you even first implement the route of doing something, instead of starting with the route of not doing it? No, I get it, you wanted to put out sex content before sfw content, because that's what many vocal players like,  but In a game where player's choice is supposed to matter, where the player gets invested in the story, you basically locked players who decided against pursuing any of the huge men into a sex scene with one of them.

Yes, it's WIP, and it's going to be different in the final version, or even in the very next update. But many, MANY players are playing the VN as it's being developed and this is going to be their experience. Sorry, but you should have anticipated this! For many players, myself included, this is forever going to be a bad memory. 

Yes, I know, it's a free VN, and you owe me nothing. and you put a lot of effort into it, and it's great that I could just download and play it! But! Could you please show some consideration in the future when choosing which routes to release first? Because this was Bad with capital B. And I'm sure you can do better.


This is one of the most delusional and entitled things I've ever read, please get some help, I'm saddened any of the great people who work on this game had to read this...

(1 edit) (+2)

Sorry to break it to you, but the target of your delusional para-social "relationship" does not need your protection - never did, never will.


The way you feel isn't invalid at all. At the time I wrote it, I was pulling my hair out over a major scene in Tai's Route that just wasn't coming together how I'd hoped, and I was experiencing considerable burnout. The plan for the scene with Russell had only recently been locked in and at the time, it was something I was excited to write. I took a short break from Tai's Route to focus on something I felt more passionately about in the hope it'd allow me to return to Tai's Route feeling refreshed, which thankfully is exactly what happened. I'm also constantly inundated with requests for sex scenes with a myriad of different characters, of which Russell was a frequent request. Tai's Route had already had its final sex scene and it was likely going to be quite some time before we'd otherwise be doing another. All of these reasons are what led to those chapters being made ahead of time. It was the right thing to do at the time and largely a necessity, and my feelings on that haven't changed.

The total wordcount for Sileo is about on par with Lord of the Rings as things currently stand, and it's only about half done. That's all been written by just one person, and that's only one of my jobs. I also do all the programming and interface design, all the PR, the audio, so on and so forth. Progress in story content can't always be made as quickly as I'd like, and admittedly I'd hoped finishing Tai's Route would have happened much sooner so I could return to this route and expand it beyond the small vertical slice it has been up until this point. 

I apologize for the negative experience you've had, but I can't apologize for doing what I needed to do to ensure progress continued being made and to avoid burnout. On a route like the one in question, there are numerous possible paths and outcomes, and those things take time to build out. An unfortunate reality of work in progress games, particularly those with branching storylines, is that the content you want isn't always going to be ready, and what is ready isn't always going to be what you want. We try to keep our releases as regular as possible, and that means we end up releasing material that isn't representative of the final product. In general, we've found this to be a better approach than holding content back for more infrequent releases, especially with our business model of being a free game supported by monthly subscriptions on Patreon - frequency is critical for our financial security and to retain interest in our project. You can please all of the people some of the time, or some of the people all of the time. But you can never please all of the people all of the time. That doesn't stop us from trying to, but cases like this are an unfortunate inevitability, and I know it never feels good when you're the one affected.

All I can suggest at this stage is that if the content in that route still interests you, come back when it's done. It's a big route with branching paths and multiple endings, but it's going to take us some time to create and implement all of that and until that time, it might not be everything you want it to be.


Oh hell, I know the struggles of being a jack of all trades on your own project only too well, so I get it, I really do. You did what was right for you and the project at the time and I'm not going to argue with that -  you certainly have a clearer picture of which scenes for which routes need releasing first. I should not have tried to advise you on that. Not only was it not my place to do so, it was a wrong approach to the problem.

And thank you for apologizing. I regret initially being so harsh now, there was no need for that attitude, I 'm sorry. 

And I want to be helpful here, not just nagging. So here's a thought - why not add menus for the choices that aren't implemented yet? Sure, one or more buttons would say  "(NOT IMPLEMENTED YET)", but that would still warn the player where they are going and give them some semblance of choice - "either leave and wait till your desired route releases, or check out this route that's already here, you might like it". Seems like that approach would keep everyone happy, or at least safe from becoming unhappy the way I did, wouldn't it?

Either way, thank you for your time, I took enough of it already. I'm sure we both already got what we could from this particular discussion anyway. I'll be back to check on your progress sometime in the future(I might even be lucky to have some control over whom the MC gets intimate with this time around, ha)

(1 edit)

In the author's defense, the story, specially Tai's route, greatly elaborates on the biology of these anthropomorphic animal men, their tragic apocalyptic backstory, and most importantly, why the MC/Player suddenly goes mad with sexual lust & promiscuity -- which is partly out of his control, due to an external force tampering with his hormones.

Sadly, I did feel repulsed by the MC's behavior, specifically the disgusting toxic threesome that ensued. Although it does play into the MC's later character growth also.

(1 edit) (+1)

Can I recommend to you a different gay romance VN, that portrays romance in a less toxic & more realistic way? It might be more to your liking, although it features humans instead of "anthro/furry" creatures.


Thank you for your reply and your support on this, but no, I'm not interested in any human VNs right now.

Furry VNs have major advantage over human VNs because they start with a generally higher suspense of disbelief just because they are not about humans. So it's easier to enjoy them even when they are not perfect. And I already have a list of furry VNs I need to have a look at, which I am slowly but surely going through already.

need more Roo  🦘🙏

she'd be bloody crackin' aye

(1 edit) (+3)

Just let me have that cheetah boy :(


Patience. We're working on that route as we speak, you'll soon have your wish!


>:0 he shall be mine! (Dom will be too >:])


how much do i gotta pay to get an eric route XD i want the ratty!


Eric's time will come. Mark my words.

and how much do i gotta pay to see Glenn beat until he passes out

i suggest making a choice of being top or bottom in day 20/diego's route;-;

The route's already done, mate. That'd be unnessasary work for the team

yaa ive already known it, just a little hope;-;

(1 edit)

There is truth in it that the writer brings some of his own into some of the characters?happy holidays😉



Someone decipher what this man is trying to say, he's speakin enchanting table language 

My best attempt: Is it true that writers include part of themselves in some of their characters?


Yeah, that was more or less my best guess as well. If so, the answer is sometimes yes. I've given some of the characters a little part of myself, be it some habit, a way of speaking, a hobby, a condition, or something else entirely. Not every character has something of mine, but some have multiple things. I feel that being able to root an aspect of a character in something real like that helps them to feel more genuine. For example, Diego's notoriously potty mouth? You'd better fuckin' believe that came from me!

Played this VN 2 years ago, I was inlove of the story and the characters but what I am mostly inlove of is Russell  and jay too. Back then, I used to fantasize  both of them (especially Russell). After 2 years, I came back to this amazing VN and read it again as I've noticed there's new updates that I missed out, I love the new update honestly but what really blown my heart out is the new Axel and Dom route.. w-where there's where my fantasies finally came true with Russell, wow just wow, my dream came true. If I remember correctly from my other account, I used to comment here begging xevvy to have Russell's route or at least some "intimate scene". Well he finally did but you know I truly truly hope xevvy would include Russells route (hopefully, jay too) or an option in Axel and doms route in the VN (if xevvy may). Anyways, amazing vn as always. thank you xevvy



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