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Question:When will the next update for axel, dom and russels route?

Not sure at this stage. We're trying to focus on finishing the last few scenes of Tai's Route at the moment. Development on this route will pick up considerably once Tai's Route is finished.

I cant wait!

Wait waitwait wait wait. In the build before the skip to day X on route Y, It was just "Dom and Axel's route"
Is it going to be Adrian, Dom, Axel, and Russel, or just the first 3?


Yes, you can date the shark!


Why when choose axel or Dom it goes to the shark annywaus

Quick question but is my favourite rat going to have his own build? OwO


There's plenty of content planned for Eric. Multiple tales focus on him, and Lukas' route puts him in the spotlight too.

Yessss. I am sated. Thank you 🙏

Question: (I want to know if it's only me) The illustrations and backgrounds are cutted in a half. Why?

Try redownloading a fresh copy of the game. This happens for some people and it's usually due to corrupt files.

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It didn't work but that doesn't matters as long i can still play it. You did a good job creating this.

Is there a guide?

Question: It's only me, or the music and sounds seem to get muted whenever I plug/unplug my headphones? Nice update BTW.

Xevvy We(I) need answers
How is your username pronounced?
Also, Do the people of Sileo wear shoes
I'd guess not most of the time due to Diego's 3rd scene
But I need answers.

The X is pronounced like a Z. So, Zevvie I guess. Most wear shoes, with some exceptions like Lukas who has hooves. 

Both facts are neat
I want to know what their shoes look like.

Awhh, just finished my favorite hunky tiger daddy's route (so far). Excellent work, keep it up! I can't wait to be able spend more time with mr cranky bovine.

I'm hyped for the next update. 

Very good visual novel🫶. I love Russell


Do the people in Sileo wear shoes or
do they just walk on the foot pads
also how is your username pronounces??


brr am cold


I have now caught up with all of the available days and routes. I absolutely adored this! I cannot wait to see what happens in the rest of Axel's route, Dom's route, and also would love to pursue Lukas when I get the chance. By far this is THE best ga(y)me I have ever played. I loved the art, the characters, the story, the whole "shebang"! I will be here every step of the way and that is a fact! A question for you: Once all of the routes are finished, will there be development of the more supportive characters that we meet? Like for example could we pursue them as a special route after some sort of choice(s)? Whatever happens I am going to enjoy every second of it! - Me, very enthusiastic fan who literally binged this game instead of doing important stuff because it was so good.


That's what Tales from Woodcrest will ultimately be, we've got stuff planned for basically every character, it's just a matter of finding the time to do it all. Stay tuned!


I will most certainly be staying tuned, but I will obviously not rush you at all. I am looking forward to it no matter how it goes, because everything done as of right now has been astonishing.

He Just like me fr


will there be any nsfw with roux I just love his design 


There will be, just hard to say when at this stage.


Just started this VN, and I am very happy that the best friend is a musclegut, and that his path is done. Also, SERIOUS kudos for having the portraits of the speaker, ESPECIALLY Adrian, in the corner! I don't always look up to see expression changes, and this helps a lot.


I just have to say first that I completely adore this vn! although with the new update I seem to be having an issue where the cgs and illustrations are glitched and seem to overlap and clip themselves and was wondering if there was a fix I’ve already tried redownloading the update.

This seems to happen to a small group of people and is something either engine related or system related, not something we can fix. Someone recently reported that updating their graphics drivers fixed the issue so you might try that.

unfortunately my computer doesn’t seem to have any graphics driver updates available and is concerning that this problem only occurs with the newest update from this vn only. 

The last update didn't change anything technical, so in that case it's probably a corrupt file in the download. Redownload the latest release and make sure you extract it to a new folder instead of overwriting any old data. That should fix the issue

Yeah unfortunately neither installing the update again or trying to update the driver seemed to fix the issue but thank you either way.

actually was able to find the issue but thank you again.

I love this game! I really can't wait to see each of the routes, I love the drawn backgrounds and the characters! definitely a 10/10 game

are there any axel sex scenes?

Not yet

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When I click on alt server/ Sileo on iOS, it says “alr server not available or Sileo not available “. Does anyone know how to fix this?

My best guess would be that AltStore couldn't connect to your computer to refresh the certificates and they've expired. You'll probably need to reinstall AltStore using AltServer on your computer. It should then automatically refresh the certificate for Sileo. And just make sure AltServer is allowed to run on your PC and that the phone can connect to it periodically so this sort of thing doesn't happen.

Alright, thank you

Im having a major issue on android, at the name entering screen it won't let me put any name in, when I press the back button my keypad dissapears, this is a problem on all my devices to the point where I can't even get passed it


There's a fix for a related issue in the next update which might also fix this so stay tuned for that. We're aiming to have that out pretty soon

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Almost done with Tai's route (to this point) and my heart is aching~ i wanna see the end so bad, but I also don't. I haven't even started Deigo's route (the one I know is finished) or the others and yet I know Tai's will always be my favorite 

(As of this date [4/7/2023] I have reached the To Be Continued screen on Tai's route. Eagerly awaiting the final scenes to see the end of this amazing love story)

So, is there any specific reason none of the art from the game, aside from the extras, is on e621? do you have some sort of embargo on it, or is it just a lack of people uploading it? I think it'd be cool to see some of Sileo's absolutely stunning art on e6, but if you don't want it on there I won't do anything.

Great Visual novel
Look, I'll admit this right here and now
I cried from Spencer. Man, it was too emotional and too precious qwq



Define. In my top 10 
I just finished Tai's route or at least what's released.
Man, this game makes me want to keep coming back to it

Will you start on Lukas's route after you finish Tai's or after you finish Dom and Axel'

We're going to develop both remaining routes side by side, though we're prioritizing getting Tai's finished right now.

I recently finished the Diego route and I really loved it! I wanted to give Axel and Dom's route a try but so far I just hook up with Russel and then it ends there.
Did I do something wrong or is that route just not finished yet?


That's as far as we've gotten with that one so far. Tai's Route is a few scenes away from being completely done and once we've nailed that down, we'll be focusing more on the other two

Thanks for clarifying! Are there any other routes are currently finished and available? Also, how does one update the game when the updates eventually come?

Just Diego's and (almost) Tai's at this stage. To update on desktop, just download the new one and get rid of the old one. On Android or iOS, install the new one over the top of the old one without deleting the old one.

Is there a way to hook up with Eric or Jay? Cause given the dating options in game there must be more optional sexual encounters then just kayrex.


Jay has NSFW content in Tai's Route. Nothing for Eric... yet.

Is this NSFW?


Logan's route please!

hey just wondering how/if there are more logan scenes other than the hot spring one with diego 

Play Tai's Route.


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Hey all,

I'm just starting this VN and I apologize in advance if this is written somewhere I was not able to find it. Are Axel and Dom a poly only romance or can they be pursued separately?

Poly only.


After having to wait several days to be able to download the update, due to me being without internet, I finally just finished reading it, and I absolutely LOVED IT! Well done!

ENJOYED and LOVED the tales of woodcrest than the original one. It has more content and story to it. The storywriting is great. It gave me some nostalgia, looking forward to it. 

Well with the new update out and the floods in NZ are pretty much over...does that mean we're one step closer to seeing your "plans" for your daddy Roo, Mr. Xevvy? I do believe he owes me a kick in the ass with his "fourth" leg if you still remember heh-heh. 

I also now just realised this is gonna look really weird to people no context but it's probably weirder with context which I mean I'm not complaining about haha!! 

One step closer sure. It's not something we're likely to get to in the very near future though. There's a planned story beat for it and theres a bit that needs to happen first.

Oooooo sounds intriguing, looking forward to it!! :D

Hi Xevvy wow I finished day 20 0f Tai's route

Can't wait to see what the Black Claws tour is like along with what will happen to Glenn

#Black Claws Feat. Tai, Lucas, Jay and Adrian

I think you talking bout day 19 because day 20 isnt publicly released.

Also, if Adrian is added to the "Feat." then add Eric as well, because Adrian was pretty much just support.

But Somehow I got to day 20 cause Day 19 was after the concert and the altercation with Glenn

oops my bad still Day 19 but Surprising to see if Glenns ass gets whooped by Eric Jay and Roo

The tour is content planned for a tale in the future so that'll be a while off yet. You will get more information on what became of Glenn in day 20 though

I Already have a feeling what happens to Glenn

Since Jay's muzzle was slashed at I feel that the authorization of the music belongs to Tai 100% since the music producer will hear about this news

Also in the mere future will there be a possibility of having an Eric, Roo, Reux, and Glenn Route?

hello, um so I was playing on my computer in the browser and I finished the Tai route and then realized there was an update to extend the story. I refreshed the page and lost all of my saves. having to start over on tais story to get caught back up. anyways, is there anything I can do to try and stop this from happening again? i don’t want to try and go through the entire story over and over again every time there’s an update

Updating doesn't remove your saves. If you're on Android, make sure you're installing the update over the old one (don't uninstall.) If you're playing in browser, make sure you don't clear your cookies as the saves are stored as cookies

so how do you make sure you don’t clear your cookies? also, i just hit the refresh button on the page and everything went away

They don't clear automatically unless you set them up to do so. Programs like CCleaner can clear them though so be careful with your settings there 

Um... Hi. Sorry, I have changed my phone for a new one, and I lost all the progress I've made in Tai's route. Mi question is: Is it possible to add a "Skip to next choice" button or something? Skipping text normally takes too much time, and I don't really have a lot of free time considering that I work at night thrice a week and sometimes I work in daytime too. Without nothing more to say, thank you.


We have plans to implement something like this eventually, but due to the nature of the game, things need to happen in sequence or things will break. Adding something like that would take quite a lot of time, so we can't promise how soon this'll be. In the meantime, you can always just back up your save files or transfer them to a new device, they're in an accessible location - see our FAQ for more info.

Right. Thank you.

Xevvy the recent build keeps crashing for me, any recommendations are needed. 😭


Any error messages? A good thing to try first is to redownload the latest version, sometimes things go wrong during the download process and a new download fixes it.

None, it just crashes. I was getting to the really spicy bits too. 😭😂


Does your device meet the minimum requirements? Nobody else has reported an issue like this so far and usually isolated silent crashes are due to memory limitations

I have 4.6 GB free and it's only been a problem for this update. Maybe it has to do with Renpy?


This update is the same version of Ren'Py as the last one. 

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Every day a Sileo update approaches. It could come tomorrow.
But if you die,

Then today is not your lucky day.


Deleted post

All patreon content releases in the next public version. Content wise, public updates are one update behind.


An estimate on when the new update will come out?


No ETA right now. I want to have it out as soon as possible, but it's taking some time to get the final chapter finished. Stay tuned, it shouldn't be too far away

Deleted 63 days ago

We don't release updates on a strictly monthly basis. Sometimes you'll get several a month like in December. Other times it might take us more than a month to finish up what we're working on. It's coming, we're working on it and we aren't far from done now. Just be patient.

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What do you plan on for the tales from woodcrest? I know that you are nowhere near done with your current update probably, but what do you have in mind for your next "tales from woodcrest?" Ive already gone into a small little rant about what may or may not happen earlier but i want to hear it directly from you. What do you think you will do with the "Tales from Woodcrest" section after all is said and done?

Edit:YOU SNEAKY BASTARD(Complimentary)

Edit 2: So. You made it "Axel & Dom's route" for both
It would have been better imo if the names switched placed depending on who you chose when eric asked

Starting with the quick answer first: Axel and Dom share a polyamorous route. Some details will vary depending on who specifically you chose in the beginning, but the broader strokes will remain the same.

As for tales, a general explanation for this is in our FAQ. We've got a series of stories planned and how much we end up doing will ultimately depend on interest in Sileo following our 1.0 release, but a simple explanation is that it'll contain stories that don't fit within the main narrative, either due to occurring before or after the story, or during from a different perspective. An example of each: One tale will detail some of the shenanigans Adrian, Diego and Tobias got up to at university. One tale follows on directly from Diego's route and has you meeting his family and exploring his hometown alongside Diego. And one tale explores the events that lead to Jay and Eric becoming a couple in Tai's route from both of their perspectives. Currently we have more than a dozen loosely planned, though the contents of that list will change before 1.0. We plan to release a few of these before 1.0 as well, the continuation of Diego's route mentioned above likely being the first we tackle.

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Oh wow, i was really far away. Thanks for telling me!

Edit:  I have a question about the dream scene in Tai's route where Adrian's mind impersonates Tai.
Is it supposed to refer to apollo AS apollo, or is it supposed to be Spencer there?

We use Apollo near exclusively after day 15 so it's intended.

This is AFTER adrian learns the truth about Solomon, Spencer, and Apollo.

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