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Xevvy the recent build keeps crashing for me, any recommendations are needed. 😭


Any error messages? A good thing to try first is to redownload the latest version, sometimes things go wrong during the download process and a new download fixes it.

None, it just crashes. I was getting to the really spicy bits too. 😭😂


Does your device meet the minimum requirements? Nobody else has reported an issue like this so far and usually isolated silent crashes are due to memory limitations

I have 4.6 GB free and it's only been a problem for this update. Maybe it has to do with Renpy?


This update is the same version of Ren'Py as the last one. 

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Every day a Sileo update approaches. It could come tomorrow.
But if you die,

Then today is not your lucky day.


Deleted post

All patreon content releases in the next public version. Content wise, public updates are one update behind.


An estimate on when the new update will come out?


No ETA right now. I want to have it out as soon as possible, but it's taking some time to get the final chapter finished. Stay tuned, it shouldn't be too far away

Deleted 290 days ago

We don't release updates on a strictly monthly basis. Sometimes you'll get several a month like in December. Other times it might take us more than a month to finish up what we're working on. It's coming, we're working on it and we aren't far from done now. Just be patient.

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What do you plan on for the tales from woodcrest? I know that you are nowhere near done with your current update probably, but what do you have in mind for your next "tales from woodcrest?" Ive already gone into a small little rant about what may or may not happen earlier but i want to hear it directly from you. What do you think you will do with the "Tales from Woodcrest" section after all is said and done?

Edit:YOU SNEAKY BASTARD(Complimentary)

Edit 2: So. You made it "Axel & Dom's route" for both
It would have been better imo if the names switched placed depending on who you chose when eric asked

Starting with the quick answer first: Axel and Dom share a polyamorous route. Some details will vary depending on who specifically you chose in the beginning, but the broader strokes will remain the same.

As for tales, a general explanation for this is in our FAQ. We've got a series of stories planned and how much we end up doing will ultimately depend on interest in Sileo following our 1.0 release, but a simple explanation is that it'll contain stories that don't fit within the main narrative, either due to occurring before or after the story, or during from a different perspective. An example of each: One tale will detail some of the shenanigans Adrian, Diego and Tobias got up to at university. One tale follows on directly from Diego's route and has you meeting his family and exploring his hometown alongside Diego. And one tale explores the events that lead to Jay and Eric becoming a couple in Tai's route from both of their perspectives. Currently we have more than a dozen loosely planned, though the contents of that list will change before 1.0. We plan to release a few of these before 1.0 as well, the continuation of Diego's route mentioned above likely being the first we tackle.

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Oh wow, i was really far away. Thanks for telling me!

Edit:  I have a question about the dream scene in Tai's route where Adrian's mind impersonates Tai.
Is it supposed to refer to apollo AS apollo, or is it supposed to be Spencer there?

We use Apollo near exclusively after day 15 so it's intended.

This is AFTER adrian learns the truth about Solomon, Spencer, and Apollo.

Hey Xevvy, I have an issue

I just reinstalled tales of a new dawn on my computer and for some reason it isn't opening I've tried opening it and it just doesn't work and I am all out of ideas

There's no known issues like that with the current build. Try redownloading it incase the download was corrupt and if you're on Windows, check your antivirus isn't interfering.

Xevvy i have a problem

My laptop data normally gets corrupted and everything is set back to base settings.... I know that you've answered this before im pretty sure but can you add a "skip to next choice" button, or maybe a "skip to scene X, Y, Z"?

Say you press the button
You get to skip to any time in any day on any route, but its locked if you are skipping after choosing who you want to date. Also, the questions are asked and your choices and answers are saved as if you normally answered the prompt.

There is no pressure at all and its probably really complicated
but it would be a quality of life update for me

Unfortunately, it is a touch complicated. Things need to occur in sequence otherwise all kinds of issues can arise. A chapter select option is something I'm hoping to add in the future, but it would take some time to implement and likely require a lot of bug testing, so it'll be when we have time. 


I can't wait for the update on Axel and dom route I am curious about what will happen

Can I request if you can make a sequel to Diego's story? I loved playing the story, and in my honest opinion is my favorite of the other stories! I'm just curious on how their lives will continue for each other!


Such a thing is already planned as part of the Tales mode, hard to say when we'll get to it but it's one of the first we plan to do.

Now I can't wait for that! Thanks!

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Has anyone, like taken count on how many times Russell, like has said "like"? Cuz, like I'm so curious on, like how many times he said "like". He said "like", like so many times! Like damn! That's so many! Like I've lost count, like so many times.

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This doesn't happen in the current release, so it's most likely a corrupt file. I'd suggest redownloading the game

what did you do to diego..?


will the polar bear ever be datable

Deleted 1 year ago

From what ive already read and with a bit of predictions:
This is a case like Eric.
Neither can be dated in the BASE game, but I'd assume that there will be some tales from Woodcrest about them. I'd also assume that this rule of thumb applies to Jay, Russel, Maxwell*, and possibly even Spencer**. Though, some are more likely than others. I assume that the list after the main character's routes are completed and the intro rework is finished would be revolving around the Main characters and interactions we don't see,(Logan and Eric's 'activity' at the strip club in Diego's route) or little "What if..?" scenes, like; "What if V, X, Y, and Z done this?" or "What if Adrian and Eric did that?"
Honestly, I have no idea whats in store for the tales from Woodcrest. Only time will tell.

*Maxwell is most likely not gonna be in a tale for a long while. He is a decently minor character, and i doubt that Xevvy and their team will release much about him.

**Spencer is a special case. If the character we're seeing him as is Adrian, then a lot of events will have to take place in order to 'Set the scene.' He would need to meet him in a different circumstance, like: What if Adrian ment Spencer before picking a route, or before the character(s) in the route are dating him? What if its like Tai's route, and the Main character and the love interest(s) break it off for a while? It's very hard to predict.

this is a very logical assessment we can all just hope

Not logical  enough, xevvy just disproved it on my own comment asking about it directly.

Shit Xevvy are you ok!?!? I heard of the recent floods in New Zealand hope you're ok!! Sending love and support from Sydney!! :)

Little more than strong winds where I am, all is well!

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Well hopefully it calms down for you soon, but I mean straya’s only a 3-4 hours flight away, and we’ll welcome a kiwi anytime haha!!

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Nice try, venomous spider! I see through your honeyed lies!

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Wow the discrimination!! Just because I have a red back and I can potentially kill someone especially small children, doesn’t mean I’m gonna…wait no I might. But then who’s going to continue developing this incredible vn!! Therefore, I, Mr. Venomous, swear on each of my eight little legs, that I will not bite thee, and grant you immunity. Though I can’t vouch for the others so… you might be eaten alive. But I won’t!!

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You'd better not! If you do, Roo is... uhm... m-my dad and he will... uhm...  k-kick you... r-really, really hard!


Hello! I have a question:

The datable characters have an Intro CG, like Diego and Tai, idk if Axel/Dom has one too, but Russel also has one, so this means Russel will be a Datable character in the future? 

(sorry for any gramatical errors, I'm not a native english speaker ^^ )

Russell isn't considered to be one of the main love interests, but the Axel/Dom routes are polyamorous... who knows what could happen...?

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Thank you for the fast answer! I have another question:

Using the FAQ 5, means that in 'Tales from Woodcrest' will the non main love interests (Jay, Russel, Kyrex...) will be an route? Or just sex scenes? I'm a bit confused about this.

There'll be additional playable stories, not routes as such but much more than just sex scenes.

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I have to say that im in love with the way Russel talks! Its so, like, cool my dude haha!

He's, like, totally chill, my dude.

Ok but WHO does Adrian recognise at the end of day 19 on tai's route?

you'll find out in the next update. Or find out now in the Patreon version

Xevvy, i still dont have money..

Then have patience. It won't be too much longer.

I know but your storytelling is too good... Why must you do this to us poor fans?

Well, we do need to eat and pay rent.



I haven't played this in over a year I can't wait to reread this its such a good vn Im excited to see what changed

Have fun!

Absolutely amazing! Love the story line and can't wait to see more!  Though I have one question about the saves, with each new update to the game will downloading the game overwrite the previous saves causing us to start over from the beginning? 

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Your saves are stored separately from the game data so that you can keep your progress between versions. Just be sure that if you're playing on Android, you install the new APK over top of the old one rather than uninstalling it first - usually, this is fine, but some variants of Android will delete the save data when you uninstall. For the web version, saves are stored as cookies - so long as you don't go clearing your cookies, they'll stick around.

Any idea how long til the dom and axel route get more updates?

Plans can change, but we're planning to wrap up Tais route over the next two or so updates before we do anything else so probably a few months.

What building should i go to guys???but for real
I was just skipping through text, but when i got to this, no side/main quests appeared. What do i do? Also, this is Diego route day 17.

I suspect something is wrong with your save file. I definitely can't replicate it under normal circumstances, skipping through from the beginning works as it should. If you try to save your game, what route shows up on the save? The only reason you could get a screen like that is if that data is somehow not what it should be.

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Will do! Once saved, will edit to post picture.

Here it is, in all its glory!! Cant back out of the image though..
edit like 5 seconds later:

I don't know how you've done that. It's not possible under normal circumstances.

Either way, trash that save and start fresh. 

Fixed the problem by backing to a day 13/14 save. Still have the saves, because bragging rights.

Hey, so idk if this is an issue with my phone or with the game but it keeps on crashing multiple times and even if i clean the cache, it'll still do this. Do you know any way i could fix this?? Thanks

This is the first time I've seen this error. How strange. Try uninstalling the app, redownloading it fresh and installing it again and see if that clears the issue.

Found a bug after downloading the latest update. In the beginning when you enter in your name I'm unable to type whatsoever. Currently on Android experiencing this!

This is an issue between RenPy and either your keyboard app or the manufacturer specific flavor of Android you're running, it's not something we have any control over unfortunately. I would suggest trying a different keyboard app, both Gboard and Swiftkey work perfectly in my experience. 

This new update just brings even more to like! and more to wait for. 

But also i gotta report a bug. Spoiler btw for Axel/Dom route and Tai route.

Alright so first off, loving the work so far. just wanted to get that out of the way. 

For the bug: While I was on Tai's route i found a bug and it was with a script error, while talking with Axel's parents the screen went white and displayed text saying there was an error, I clicked ignore and it happened again, then i clicked ignore again and got through and it didn't show up again. I'm not sure what could have caused it but I wanted to bring it up regardless. 

and for the Axel/Dom route, we were hoping for Cheetah cheeks and got Shark Slit instead, not saying it's bad though lol. I called it when I said Russel might be an option a while back! But by any chance, maybe after the base characters like Lukas, Tai, and Axel/Dom, get the routes finished and fleshed out, Could we maybe see more of the side characters like Russel (Please lol), Logan (Also Please), Maybe even Kyrex or something? or maybe they can even get their own routes like the base characters, that'd be cool in my opinon, more options. 

Welp that's all i have to say, Can't wait until the next update! Keep up the good work!

TL:DR: Bug: Recurring Script error on day 16 in Tai's route with Axel's Parents. Idea's for the side characters? Cheetah Cheeks gotta wait, we have Shark slit instead

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I'm aware of this error, I pushed a hotfix that was supposed to fix it but it didn't quite go to plan, unfortunately. 

I've just pushed another hotfix which should resolve it. If you're playing via the Itch App, the patch should show up. The web version played on this page will update automatically. Otherwise just redownload the file for your platform and it should be good to go.


Patiently waiting for Lukas' route :)

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When is lukas route coming? I'm waiting for that to play again

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It feels as if "terrific" word is overused in this spectacular, wondrous, breathtaking, splendid, wonderful and just generally nice game. Still wondering if it tells me true reason as to why i cannot pick "Joe" name for mc though. Or why characters struggle with Roux and Roo, but are weirdly okay with Tai and Ty.

I just started and I ran into a very strange... error, because it only happens with the background and it takes me out of the immersion :,3, any ideas on how fix it?

I've seen this reported once before, but I have no idea what causes it or how it might be fixed, unfortunately. It's almost certainly either a Ren'Py issue or an issue with your video hardware/driver, so all I can suggest is to make sure you're running up-to-date video drivers, and failing that, perhaps try on another device.

I never expected to have a spicy scene with Logan and Russel before either of the two horny boys Jay or Eric.

Side note. Is the friend Russ mentioned Roo?

Pretty sure he isnt, because the only friend russel has stated before the game is Alex.(Pretty sure thats his name.) Also, Roo's only friend in woodcrest is Roux.


Heh, I wish there was more to see, but I'm not gonna lie here... I absolutely LOVED this update. The fun with Russell made for a great read!

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(Spoilers For Tai’s Route)

Is there a way to skip the ‘special’ scenes? Asking since the game always crashes for me every scene switch in the threesome scene, and I always need to go load into a save during the part where Adrian goes back to the apartment and meets Diego after getting back together with Tai.

(Also, extremely glad to have more Russel in this game 😁.)

There's no way to skip them at this point, but it shouldn't be crashing in that scene, it's not doing anything particularly special there. The most common cause of crashes is insufficient memory, so if you have any other devices available to you with more memory, that might be the best solution.

omg, Tai route is ended 🥲 It was a very touching story. 

Not quite yet! There's still day 20!

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I just finished the diego rout and i need more.I give (and gave) this game 5 stars,When you guys stop updating this game there needs to be a sequel or spinoff.(P.S. Diego my love)

also does russell have 2 penii


Go play Tai's Route if you haven't already, It's much longer and better than Diego's route.

And yes. Yes he does.

My problem is It crashes lol. My device is Samsung A01. Its like yah but ill try

The A01 is a very low-end device with very little memory, I suspect there just isn't enough for Sileo to run. For Android, I'd recommend at least 3GB of memory to be safe. 

ok thank you!

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Hey, theres a problem with your Random name list in the start when you choose your name.
Eric is a randomly generated name out of them.
Nothing major, but "Eric" should be removed out of the starting list.

Edit: Another bug(i think)

When im skipping sometimes the game cant find the sprite for the character on screen.
Edit2: OR it could just
NOT load in the background when i load the autosave.


I've removed Eric from the list. The issue with skipping is a strange one but almost certainly something outside of our control - either a bug in Ren'Py or potentially a corruption in your download. Either way, if the file displays under normal circumstances, skipping shouldn't change that. If you're loading an autosave from an older build and the content you've saved on has changed, that can trip Ren'Py up - again, not really something we can fix, it's to do with how Ren'Py is designed (not with changing games in mind). 

I also can't replicate this third issue at all. What steps have you taken to make this happen?

(1 edit)

So, i was just expiramenting with the sprites and stuff, and was going to go to the menu above the special content, and accidentally opened it. Went to where i was gonna go but "Heavy load" or whatever the title is was there. I quickly tried backing out, but when i did my device was overheated at the time. I went to start a new game after i cooled my device down, but that shown up instead. 

 Can’t wait for the new public version of Axel’s route!! Hopefully only a couple of days away!!

I saw someone asked about the Adrian sprite. Was wondering if u could share one of tai’s? I have no clue how to do the whole reconstruct thing. Which is why I’m asking here. Also tai is extremely hot. Always had a thing for big cats especially tigers/lions so happy I picked his route. Can’t wait for it to be finished


How to give rat poison to the rat, how do i kill him, i hate him and everything he represents.

Deleted post




I thought I was done seeing stupid people on the internet tonight.


You have got to be one of the stupidest people I've come across so far!

Hey, Any way i could see Adrian's sprite without a background ingame? I play on the computer app, and i cant open it in files due to a restriction.

Not ingame, no. And the nature of the sprite files is that you'll have to combine multiple pieces to get a complete sprite anyway. Here's a compiled transparent PNG of his default outfit and expression.

Thanks a lot!


The heartbeat makes me think it was someone important to Adrian, but not in a good way... You clever bastard...(Complimentary)

Wait acctualy maybe its glenn or Kyrex
Might be the asshole that used to be Adrians boss

Next chapter is coming out very soon on Patreon. All will be revealed.



Adrian is dripped out tbh

Hi, just another question but it is kind of a stupid question, Do we have to download the new version when it comes out or no. Sorry if it is a stupid question

I mean, if you want to experience the new content you will. 

Oki, Thank you so much.

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