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Downloaded the game last night. Played it for hours, went along with Diego route and visited the gym a few times. And I was profoundly shaken how well it resonated. I recognised where the story was going and made the right call (unlike I did a few times irl) and last night I had a long serious tought about my life. Almost made me want to sell everything and move out to a peaceful smaller place (albeit without a hunky friend) and start anew. Seriously, you guys did great work. I can't even complain about the music, something I am nitpicky about (and willing to help with if needed). All in all, thank you for sharing such a nice story with us.

Glad you've enjoyed it so far! We've still got plenty more planned for this route, so stay tuned!

Is there any chance to have Kyrex route, I really love that lizard boi qwq

In the immediate future, Kyrex will play a significant role in the second half of Diegos story. As of right now, he's not one of the four planned routes, but he will most likely have some form of playable route of his own introduced after version 1.0 has been released. 

Congrats on your 3 months progress in Sileo! The story is really good and relatable for me and I hope for your continuous progress in this game. Thanks for your effort in making this!

Thank you!


I've been waiting for this update, it was really worth the wait. Diego is a sweetheart, somehow I identify with him and I like the way Kyrex looks, what a pity that he behaved very badly with poor Diego. I look forward to the next update. Excellent work.

Glad you're enjoying it :)

keep up the good job Xevvy and the rest of the team, I was really surprise with Diego's route, which ended up being able to relate to Diego a lot to it apart from a few things. I look forward to seeing more of this, Good job again and be safe!

Thank you! There's a lot more to come with Diego's route, hopefully it'll live up to those expectations!

it most likely will! Have faith in yall! hehehe


This is so good! I can't wait for the first actual nsfw scene with Diego. Really really good job xevvy!

Takes place on Day 11! It's currently available on Patreon, and will be released to Itch on the 1st of October!

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i played higurashi before, but i was never horrified as i was in that dream sequence, GG author, you done me good.
to the author, what are the good and bad endings in diego route? im not sure which ending i got.


Glad you liked it! If you got the dream sequence, you've gotten the good ending to day 7. 

ah thank you. i am in day 9, so i think i am in the clear.

Me too 

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the first character I meet has the same name as me and I have no clue what to name myself now


Hey can you add the version on the file name for the next updates pls because I always get problems like opening the wrong build and when you want to extract I always have to change the previous file name or put it somewhere else.

Sry if I'm asking to much

Please tell me Axel and Dom didn't get Iron Maiden'd D:


Worry not! The waking version of the house in the woods is quite boring and contains no torture devices and scary silhouettes!

Called it! I knew Kyrex was the piece of sh*t that did that to Diego. It's a real shame that someone so attractive to have such a sh*t personality. At least now I have it in print, so my distaste is justified.

Aside from that, this update was kinda freaky, what with that whole nightmare sequence. It took me a bit to realize it was a dream, and in the meantime, I was wondering why everyone was so nonchalant about everything. Very well done, in my opinion.

The only other thing I have to talk about is less about the new build and more about how the game and it's writing as a whole. I'm wondering when the other routes might start being written in? Namely, whether updates will start alternating between routes, or if one route is gonna get completed before moving on to the next, or something more in between? 

It's not that I don't like Diego's route so far - I really think the focus on abusive relationships and how they can effect someone is a really good angle to explore the story from - I'm just eager to start getting to know the other love interests and to see how their routes play out and differ from what we've already gotten. This is especially true when it comes to the Axel/Dom route; I'm really interested in how that particular love triangle is gonna pan out.


We've committed to seeing Diegos route though first. At our current rate, we're expecting his route to be concluded in December's Patreon release, arriving on Itch in January. Once that's done, we're probably going to write for several routes at once, although it's highly likely they will progress at different paces. I expect Tais route will progress the quickest of the 3 remaining routes as its the most fleshed out and has some very interesting elements to it which we are all very excited to explore. Time will tell! 

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OMG. Poor Diego. I don't regret making his route my main route.

The bad ending absolutely made my blood boil. Not to mention that to some people - as I've read in the comments below - it was obvious that Kyrex was Diego's ex, but it wasn't obvious to me. But I suspected it as soon as he showed up. Though that still is a blow to my self esteem and my self worth, even though I didn't get the bad ending the first time around, because I didn't like Kyrex in the first place and I had a hunch that it would be a bad decision to have sex with Kyrex, but with hindsight I can see how one could deduce that Kyrex is Diego's ex (namely that Diego isn't going to the gym anymore and how Kyrex threw Diego away).

Anyway, I now have a big reason to hate Kyrex' guts. And to mention that someone below would date him over Diego. Like, Kyrex literally emotionally ensnared Diego, had his fun with him and then threw him away like trash. Who would want to be with someone like that?! Perhaps if you're in it only for the fun, than say so beforehand. And if I was in a situation where a person, with whom I'd only have casual sex, would fall in love with me I'd not throw that person away, but instead I'd be concerned about them and either properly break up with them or give them a chance.

BTW. I don't see myself as someone who would be having casual no strings attached sex, I want, no I need, some sort of connection with that person and like that person's personality (i.e. I could see myself having sex with a friend). Also I wasn't aroused at all during Kyrex' sex scene because of that and because I already knew who he was. (I still think that my sexuality is too complex for a label, but if I had to be labeled then male preferring demisexual would fit well and it's a label I'm more and more comfortable as time passes.)

I can't wait for Lukas' route. His smile is just...

Greetings from Czech Republic.


Thanks for the feedback! How we've handled Kyrex has certainly provoked some strong opinions on both sides, so it's nice to hear some positive feedback about it. Opening with our heaviest route was probably a risky move. Thankfully most of the routes are fairly well planned out at this stage and none of them are quite like Diegos, so there should be something for everybody to enjoy hopefully!

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Sorry, but I can't see how someone could be with Kyrex, especially because how he acts towards Diego at the festival during the bad ending, it's just straight up malice. (This came to my mind when I was about to sleep, hence I'm giving this reason to not like Kyrex now.)

Also, I played The Village That Never Sleeps right before its last update and I'm glad that you're back. And I certainly won't mind if we could whip Diego up into shape (like he was there).

Also, I can relate to Lukas' struggles with the printer, except I'm less of a straight up destroy it and buy a new one type of guy and (sometimes, not always) more of a slam my fist on the table, yelling, mouth turning into a machine gun of cuss words and insults at the engineers, programmers or the thing itself while trying to fix it kinda guy.

And also during the Spencer nightmare scene I though that Axel was pulling a prank or something.


Loved the update, really felt for Diego, poor guy

totally called it though, Kyrex came off as slimy and Diego was reluctant about Adrian frequenting that gym anyway


Glad you enjoyed it! Kyrex is egotistical, self centred and narcissistic. It was my first time writing a character like that, so I'm glad it came across right! There's more to Kyrex than just being a bad egg however. His backstory will be explored in more detail as Diegos route progresses. 

Nice, he definitely walked that line of being suave and somewhat self absorbed, I'm glad I managed to pick up on that to avoid hurting Diego

You're right though, it's always a cycle of abuse so someone made Kyrex this way, still wanna punch him in the throat though for hurting Diego though and being so nonchalant about it 

Um, the option buttons for android are way too close to each other. I kept picking the wrong option.

There will be an Android specific user interface developed at a later date - at this stage, the Android build is a carbon copy of the Windows version. Stay tuned for updates on this!

Does anyone know how to get the new special scenes from the newest public build? I played through Diego's route but only unlocked the one where you walki-in on him naked in the bathroom. Can anyone help?

you have to visit kyrex at the gym before going back home to Diego and then when the main character asks if he should go through with it say yes and you will have the special scene with kyrex which is optional that is the special scenes that you missing the one with kyrex were you have sex with him hope this helps you!

This is correct. Put simply, do all 3 of Kyrex's side plots. These are only available for a couple of days, so if you do them as soon as they pop up, you'll be fine. You'll be given at least one opportunity to back out, make sure you don't. Doing this will result in a bad ending on Day 7, but you can restart the day from the bad ending screen which will reset your progress on the third side plot - just don't do it or back out of it to avoid the bad ending :)


So... I've only done one playthrough so far, but I noticed a few odd things. First of all... it's clearly intended to be player-choice based, but enough of the story is linear that you kind of have to... figure out parts of the MC's personality in order for your choices to make any sort of logical sense. It's more like the player is trying to get the correct answer than trying to roleplay a character they've created, which is further emphasized by the fact that there are apparently bad endings.

Which brings me to the next thing -- that's... not a bad ending. It may just be because of what I said above, that the MC definitely does have a personality and not just what the player creates for him and they may not mesh very well, but I really feel like a relationship between the MC and Diego is a pretty toxic relationship, so them "breaking up" (not that they ever even started dating) is probably good. I get that Kyrex isn't actually a datable character, but honestly? Myself, I'd just start dating Kyrex in that situation. It's also pretty weird that the MC doesn't realize he's Diego's ex, because that was really obvious to me. No reason to give up and take the bus home just because your best friend has relationship issues that you don't understand how to fix and end up making worse.

It's also evident now after getting to the end that the side-stories really are *not* side-stories that are only there for full completion, but actually have a huge impact on the storyline and it's very relevant that they must occur before the main storyline if at all. This wasn't clear to me initially. I guess they're only considered side-stories because you still do have to do the main storyline, regardless of whether you do the side-stories or not?

May I ask how routes are going to be realeased? Like, are you only going to release Lukas' route after Diego's is finished, for exanple? Love this visual novel by the way!

We're still in discussions about this at the moment. Diego's route will be finished first, once that is done, we might start working on the routes in tandem. Not 100% sure yet.

Ooh, Ooh. Somebody please tell me that Spencer will be a datable character, he's gorgeous and it'd be a dream come true if i could date him :3, P.S. i adore birds, especially crow's/raven's.

Spencer will play a big role in another of our characters routes. Beyond that, he will remain a mystery :) that a yes??, I sure hope so, he's looking real fine


He's not going to be one of the four primary routes, but we do have plans to cater to side characters once the primary routes are complete assuming Sileo continues to be popular. All in due time!

Hmm, i'm both glad and devastated to hear that. He's so precious.

Really enjoyed the newest update! I did not expect "that" ending on Day 7 but it was interesting, and making me curious if there's gonna be more like that later. We've only gotten a smidge of Spencer but he's already piqued my interest, I have a feeling he's that business partner Tai mentioned. All in all really solid, keep up the good work!

Glad you enjoyed it! Can't say much about Spencer without it being spoilers, but he will play a large role in one of the other characters routes. Keep an eye out!

question how many days is the game going to go for?

Each route is expected to run for around 20 days, some might be slightly more, some slightly less. 


Perfect game!

is the mc a human or a furry?


The main character is a Husky :)

yeesssssssss thank u for telling me now its time to play the actual game i was wondering for a while actually 

Most furry visual novels also have furry MCs. You can check my profile for tons more, if you want!


I really like this game, the characters and CG are great, when will the next update be?I'm really looking forward to it.


Beginning of September. Keep your eyes peeled :)



Not to pray, but what date will the new public version be released on every months? Is there a settled date?


It is roughly the first of the month every month, accounting for timezones. 

Thx.You are really making a masterpiece, I Love the game!


Your game is great so far!! You did make Diego feel like a real person by adding your emotion, and I realized i made an account just to say this


Thank you! Keep an eye out for the new build releasing early next week, things finally get moving plotwise and we're hoping we did it justice :)

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I swear to god if Kyrex is who I think he is I'm gonna punch him in the throat on Diego's behalf...

I'm also really glad that you're treating Diego with the seriousness he deserves, rather than just playing it off as a joke or "character quirk". Thank you for that


Diego's story is one that is highly personal to me. While the details of his story are fiction, the way he feels and a lot of the struggles he's going through are not. I went through a fairly awful breakup myself not even a month before development on Sileo began, so in an attempt to give Diego some humanity and to make him relatable to a lot of people, I projected a lot of how I felt onto him. You'll start to see this on Day 7 where a lot of the details surrounding his relationship are finally made clear. Hopefully I'm doing it all justice! Days 7 through 9 will release to the public on September first!


I'm so sorry you had to go through that much pain, no one should have to suffer that much. I'm glad you managed to channel it into a creative outlet though, rather than keeping it internalized. I hope this is as good for you making it is it is for us reading it

Hang in there, man.

I'm sorry to hear that :( I hope channeling your feelings is helping :)

Kyrex is a full ass. But a sexy one too...


Bruh you just made me think that and now I can't even

Deleted 2 years ago

We're not sure at this stage. Most of the routes are fairly well planned out, but Axel's is still only loosely planned. Time will tell!

Deleted 2 years ago

I really like the game but I have one question, will you be updating one route to the end at a time?

Uncertain at this stage. Our first priority is to have Diego's route completed in full, after that we may well choose to work on the remaining routes in tandem or continue one at a time. 

Two words...personal training


I love this game so much and I'm really enjoying Diego's route so far!! :) Is Eric going to be added as a route at some point in the future? I really liked him as a character, but regardless I'm looking forward to all the stuff planned!!!


Eric isn't one of the planned routes at this stage, but never say never


Aaww Diego is the absolute best <3 he is my favorite

Developer: * releases a new update *

Im ready for Tai's route! I loved Diego's route so far, its good.


Glad you're enjoying it so far! We've got big plans for Tai's route, stay tuned!



is the game in Spanish?

English only at this stage. We will consider translating the game into other languages closer to it being completed.


This is very good you will see that you will get more audiences! Most of the people are Spanish speaking

May I ask when will the first route finished or when are you planning on finishing it?
Been enjoying the game so far but I dont want to end on a cliffhanger so im waiting for one route to experience it to the fullest.


We don't have any fixed date for when it'll be finished, rather we're focusing solely on that route right now and are doing as much as we're able to month to month. At our current pace, we'd expect to have the route fully wrapped up by the end of the year, barring any speed bumps along the way. Fingers crossed!

Thank you
Im looking forward to it.

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Is anyone going to mention how Diego's neck is still kinda wonky? I love him too much in order to just leave this going unaddressed! What's going on with my precious boi??? Still, it should be mentioned that this is one of the most masterfully crafted novels I've come across. The art is adorable, the characters are unique, and as someone who isn't a the biggest fan of the more mellow-styled slice of life stories, the plot is still pretty rich and is never uninteresting. Still slightly confused about Diego's crooked neck however. Otherwise, this is honestly one of the finest tales out there. Can't wait for the next update ~

Edit: Just saw a comment from a while ago mentioning the same worry about Diego's poor neck, and Xevvy has responded that it will be addressed in 0.13 patreon and 0.12.1 public build? Did I miss something in the new update!? 

What exactly strikes you as off? The complaints we had about Diego's sprite were his belly seeming "pregnant-like" and his neck being too long, both of which were tackled in the updated sprite present in the latest builds. 

It seems I made an oopsie! I think my game was bugged. I reinstalled this version and now his sprite looks more like the ones in the in the released images. His head was previously tilted back making it seem like he was constantly trying to look up. I would send a photo... but I didn't think to take one at the time, and it's fixed now. I guess I just also misinterpreted that previous comment and tried to force some dots to connect that didn't actually exist, haha whoops. Sorry bout that.

I disregarded the idea of it being a file problem at the time because I had installed the 0.10 version originally, and his sprite was that same way even after getting the 0.11 build installed too, but I dunno. My computer might be messed up since it's kinda dated and screwed with a few things? Anyway, the problem is fixed now.

That's good to hear, we were worried for a minute there! There was a quick fix to his sprite in 0.10.1 which lowered his head position a bit, but the sprite was properly overhauled in the latest version. Glad it's working now!

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I love the new CG day 6 with Diego, they look adorable with each other like they meant to be together. Cant wait for future update <3

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Heyah Mr. Urushi! I'm kinda in need of help regarding with some VNs that is somehow difficult for me. Do you think theres a way for me to communicate with you via social media like FB, Telegram, Discord or the likes~? qwq

There is a link to our Twitter in the description. That is the best way to get hold of us. 

Ohh! Thank you, dear sir~ ^w^


MC is so cute :3


Eric is really fun.... now I'm wishing he had a route too, but I know that's probably not in the cards :') still a good update

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